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The Theory of the Conspiracy Theory

14 May 2011 12,250 views 7 Comments

By Emrah Kaynak, 13 May, 2011, via Irradiee.

Much of the discussion on the announcement of the death of bin Laden is devoted to disqualifying critical thinking by assimilating it with paranoid delusions.  Whoever has expressed suspicion of various official narratives has immediately been saddled with the unflattering ‘conspiracy theorist’ epithet. The corporate media uncritically sides with power and is trying hard to make coherent the incoherent.

The concept of “conspiracy theory” is used improperly and systematically to discredit any rational inquiry.  The undefined contours of this framework/concept can encompass without distinction a series of reflections.  The process is simple.  It involves putting all of the various alternative theories on an equal footing. Weaker theories are lumped in with the legitimate, substantiated doubts of the official narrative. As a result, relevant issues are smothered under a welter of unsubstantiated hypotheses.

Distrust towards official discourse is only the logical result of various confirmed covert plots.  The United States as a world power is accustomed to intoxication as demonstrated by the emblematic case of the Kennedy assassination.  Despite the several aberrations, the wobbly thesis of the lone sniper is yet to be reviewed.

We still remember the crude propaganda that led to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.  Supposedly mindful political leaders, experts and journalists were endlessly harping on about “weapons of mass destruction” that will never be found.

We were then presented with detailed plans of hypersophisticated command and control centers of al-Qaeda in the caves of Tora Bora that were completely imaginary.  We have not forgotten the fully staged ‘rescue’ of Jessica Lynch in Iraq, not to mention the case of incubators in Kuwait designed to move the American people and justify their entry into the war.

It is these same journalists and experts, willing or unwilling, who today mock observers who show suspicion towards sources that are known to manipulate and fabricate information.

Rejecting a priori the existence of clandestine and concerted actions with a geostrategic aim is to deny the very existence of secret services.  An intelligence agency is not a news agency and the CIA cannot be treated as an unbiased source.  Without evidence of the circumstances of the death of bin Laden, we are asked to surrender ourselves to the good faith of the CIA director or the President of the United States.  Yet truth, politics and war have never been good bedfellows.

What is known about Osama bin Laden of that what the U.S. authorities tell us?  It is widely known that al Qaeda is a subsidiary of Arab fighters trained by U.S, Pakistani and Saudi Arabian intelligence, to fight against Communist influence and pan-Arabism.

This occult movement has never served as much the interests of the United States than today.  Who speaks endlessly of al-Qaeda?  The labeling ‘al-Qaeda’ is sufficient to disqualify ipso facto any popular insurgency in occupied countries.  These hammered and repeated incantations eventually gain hold in the minds of the intended audience.

Immediately after the death of bin Laden was announced, we were already warned that the fight against terrorism has not ended and that we must be wary of further Islamist retaliation.  Al-Qaeda would have promised to avenge the death of its founder.  This enemy is so convenient that it provides the necessary argument for maintaining foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Fear is a first-hand support for propagandists.  A public that is frightened is willing to submit to authority and to exalt its national identity.  All you have to do is say that Islamists hate the West and that they want to destroy it, to ensure the unconditional support of the imperialist policy of the United States.

Would conspiracy theorists not be those who support the idea of ​​an international jihadist plot? Those who see conspirators at the slightest expression of criticism? Those who propagate a Manichean vision of the world divided between good and evil, freedom and obscurantism to justify their military interventions?


  • Pip said:

    It is obvious, painfully, to anyone that is aware that there is a eugenics loving, psychopathic, inbred elite class and that the Mainstream media is in Direct Conspiracy with these people..the very “C” word they denounce on a constant basis.. they are guilty of it. Even a cursory glance at nightly news will make an aware person vomit with the obvious lies and obvious ignorance of the US public in general.

    1. How come some rich person that is not a member of the parasitic elite class has not started their own mainstream Television news network that speaks the truth and is not a lapdog for the corrupt globalists that have taken over the US govt.?

    2. Why won’t the American Public protest about anything anymore it seems? Are they simply overwhelmed with all the things to protest about and are shutting down? I.E. I could not get anyone to protest or even wake-up about the forced Fluoridation of water in Los Angeles in 2007.

    3. What mechanisms exist for the American Public to toss Obama out of office, toss his handlers out of our Govt. and get it back? It starts with Impeachment of Obama…yes, he is just a suitclown puppet. But Americans need to get the taste of victory and freedom and of their own power, once more.

    4. Where are all the @#$@ lawyers!! Are all the Constitutional Lawyers in the US on the payroll of the Parasitic Elite?

    5. Well, this is really just a suggestion but somebody must start doing this.. If you are wealthy and not a Member of the Parasitic Elite class…then start putting up billboards that speak the truth, along all major highways and freeways in major cities. I can think of a billion things to say that would shock and awaken the public.

    6. How come the US Media refuses to ever show a picture of Obama smoking a cigarette? (they barely mentioned that he was a nicotine addict at all during election time and now it seems they have been told ever to talk about it or show photos of him smoking).
    (Put a billboard up of Obama taking a drag..with the caption “yeah, I Lied about all my campaign promises and, yeah, I hide the fact that I have no self control and am a filthy smoker…but you can trust me…I know how to read from teleprompters.)”

    7. And Again…Why Won’t The American Public Protest About Anything in Any Meaningful Way and WHY is it that if they do (G20 protests in Pittsburgh a while back) the Mainstream media lies about it and never shows the brutality of the police? (if this does not prove the ‘conspiracy’ between media and the globalists, I don’t know what does.

    8. Why is the US Public allowing any of this to happen, allowing themselves to be lied to by corporate media? I don’t get it. WAKE UP

  • UNFIT PEOPLE said:

    well, in Amerika the public has the curiosity of a garden slug, and the intrinsic intellectual critical thinking capability of a TOASTER, generally, so that’s why the ‘public’ there puts up with this shit.

    unfortunately the fluoridated water, the prozac, paxil, albuterol, the other psychotropic crap they hand out like candy there, has taken a huge toll.

    people in Amerika are unfit to be free, because freedom requires never ending vigilance and paying attention.

    nobody on that continent, inclusive of canucks, who just let HawPud get a new zioturd majority, are fit. NONE OF THEM.

  • Paul said:

    I’m not American Pip but I see the same thing. The people are happy to be lied to, and have their reality manufactured for them. Even in the depths of America’s economic destruction they are still happy to have their thinking done for them.

  • BigAl said:

    “It is these same journalists and experts, willing or unwilling, who today mock observers who show suspicion towards sources that are known to manipulate and fabricate information.”

    Excellent Emrah Kaynak!

    –Exiting task.
    Quick puff of smoke in Pip’s airspace.

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