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[7 Feb 2012 | 2 Comments | 5,528 views]
What does the War on Libya Mean for the Rise of Latin America?

By LIZZIE PHELAN, June 24th 2011.
I made this speech on June 16 2011 at the Venezuelan Embassy’s cultural venue in London. With Latin America looking increasingly fragile in light of several of the continents important progressive figures being struck with cancer (which as Hugo Chavez said for it to be a coincidence was against all laws of probability) and due to several other factors, the points made here are becoming increasingly pertinent, especially in the face of agressions against multiple sovereign countries that are a thorn in the side to …

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[27 Oct 2011 | 22 Comments | 17,792 views]
The Destruction of Libya and the Murder of Muammar Gaddafi

by P. Ngigi Njoroge, 24 October, 2011.
I get terribly affected by the kind of things that are happening today, and confess to not being able to be dispassionate.
But some important facts we should keep in view if we want to remain sane and work out a saving response to European and American criminal aggression against us are the following.
Muammar Gaddafi came from an Arab tribe living in Libya. He belonged to a culture completely different from American and European culture. He therefore did not—and never pretended to—champion Western values of …

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[22 Oct 2011 | 17 Comments | 40,232 views]
The ‘rebel’ assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO operation from A to Z

By the Editor.
Updated 24 October, 2011 – click here to go to the update.
Muammar Gaddafi – revolutionary leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – was assassinated on Thursday 20 October, 2011, in the Libyan city of Sirte. The precise circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded with mystery and contradicting reports, but the media consensus is that NATO’s ‘rebel’ stooges captured and killed him. This has lent the unelected and universally despised NTC occupation government a decisive propaganda victory in the war on Libya. However, a picture …

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[14 Oct 2011 | One Comment | 8,888 views]
Alhurra – the Zionist ‘Arab’ news network

By the Editor.
Alhurra (also known as al-Hurra) is a US-based satellite television network established in 2004, and which broadcasts in over 22 countries worldwide. Referring to Alhurra as a ‘news network’ constitutes the most egregious misuse of language; funded by the US Congress, Alhurra is nothing more than an Arabic-language extension of the US State Department’s propaganda mill, the Voice of America. As is customary for such Orwellian propaganda mainstays, Alhurra is Arabic for “The Free One“.
Voice of America, the English language partner of Alhurra is operated by …

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[26 Sep 2011 | 10 Comments | 15,785 views]
Exposed: the ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’ fraud

By the Editor.
Updated 27 September, 2011 – see section: ‘The meals‘.
Updated again 28 September, 2011. Click here to go to this update.
To date Libya has been subjected to decades of foreign meddling and attempts to assassinate and oust its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Throughout this time, foreign-based Libyan opposition groups and globalist propaganda mills have incessantly cited supposed atrocities committed by Gaddafi, and none is more infamous or overused than the ‘Abu Salim prison massacre’ of June, 1996. This is now being invoked yet again in an attempt …

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[25 Sep 2011 | 27 Comments | 35,456 views]
Libya: NTC concocts mass grave story in brazen propaganda ploy

By the Editor.
Updated 25 September, 2011 – click here to go to the update.
Updated again 28 September, 2011 – click here to go to this update.
In a truly stunning display of dishonesty, the BBC has reported, citing no evidence to back its claim, that a mass grave containing over 1,200 bodies has been found in Tripoli’s Abu Salim prison complex. The BBC attempts to tie this ‘finding’ to the equally concocted ‘Abu Salim prison massacre‘, as it claims that the bodies are those of the inmates supposedly killed in 1996.
In …

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[25 Aug 2011 | One Comment | 6,790 views]
Bringing Libya under the globalist umbrella: Libya Working Group discusses deregulation, theft of oil

By the Editor.
Chatham House, the UK arm of the American Council on Foreign Relations held a Libya Working Group meeting on August 18. Two days before NATO’s murderous assault on Tripoli, the meeting was held to discuss “policy options for transition“, on the premise that “the end game for Colonel Gaddafi’s regime was approaching“.
For context, the corporate membership of Chatham House includes: oil multinationals such as Chevron Corporation, BP plc, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd, and Royal Dutch Shell, powerful globalist financial interests such as the City …

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[23 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 14,458 views]
NATO paves the way for civil war & foreign occupation as Western oil giants pounce on Libya

By the Editor.
The finishing touches are being added to the myth of the Libya war. A barrage of propaganda is convincing the world that the war is almost over. Amid the chaos Western oil giants pounce, foreshadowing a protracted and bloody civil war, and a foreign occupation in the guise of a ‘peacekeeping’ force.
Conventional wisdom has it that events in Libya are the result of an indigenous uprising that has organically risen from the soils of Libya. We are meant to believe that the ‘rebels’ are an …

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[22 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 3,125 views]
NATO mounts psychological warfare operation to conceal bloody final assault on Tripoli

By the Editor.
Across the board, the corporate-Zionist media is reporting that Tripoli has fallen to the ‘rebels’ with no resistance. Reports speak of celebrations across the city as rebels are welcomed with open arms and crowds flood the streets in jubilation.
This is a psychological warfare operation aimed at concealing the bloody assault that has been mounted on Tripoli. The wall of deception is also intended to confuse and demoralise the Libyan Resistance, which has been staunch and united against NATO and the rebels ever since the onset of …

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[18 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 2,635 views]
Libya and the end of Western illusions

by Thierry Meyssan, 16 August 2011.
Just under half of Europeans still support the war against Libya. Their position is based on erroneous information. They still believe, in fact, that in February the “Gaddafi regime” crushed the protests in Benghazi with brutal force and bombed civilian districts in Tripoli, while the Colonel himself was warning of “rivers of blood” if his compatriots continued to challenge his authority.
During my two months’ investigation on the ground, I was able to verify that these accusations were pure propaganda intoxication, designed by the NATO powers …