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  • Patrick said:

    I have a dilema on my hands; I read from Genesis the Tribes were from a patriarchal system. I read the “Jews” have adopted the “matriarchal” system.

    I understand the Brithish “Royal” have lineage to David, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham viz a Patriarchal genealogy.

    It is my understanding Judah George Windsor alias; KING GEORGE THE SIXTH gave the Promised Land in order to create the “Jewish” state in 1948 during the 4 Blood Moon Tetrads falling on Passover and Sukkoth.

    If “Judah” and “Jew” were one in the same, who did Judah (George) give up the Promised Land to; to “Jews” or to “Judah”? It is obvious to me if “Jew” and “Judah” were synonomous it would stand t’reason Judah George would have, on its own initiative, created the Judahaic state and NOT transfer the Promised Land to the Cana’anite Vatican curia and its council of Cana’anites! From my research it was Judah whom Yahua order to sack Fortress Zion and failed. Then Yahua ordered David to sack Fortress Zion, which he did, by accessing the fortress through the stream running into the fortress. Also, Fortress Zion was held by the Jebusites who were of Cana’an. I understand Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright leaving Esau high and dry. I also understand Esau gravetated to the Cana’anites as; 1. he was seeking a treaty with Cana’an as he had killed the first “Free”mason; Nimrod and the Hivites (money masters then/now) held vast riches. I have read Genesis 36 wherein the sons of Esau-Edom were called “Dukes” whilst Israelite men were known as; “Princes”. We also know the union of the sons of Isaac can be found hidden in the titles Lizzy Windsor, chief of the Tribe of Judah, gives i. e. her husband is PRINCE Philip as well the DUKE of Edinburgh. Bearing this in mind, the patriarch of Cana’an would be Satan therefore, in order to hide this fact, Cana’an diverted to the matriarchal system. I believe the State of ISRAEL is a Cana’anite state and a “give back” to Cana’an, by Judah, for the sacking of Fortress Zion thousands of years ago. I also believe Esau-Edom misnamed himself “Jew” in order to deceive many (JUST LIKE DEAR OLD MOM AND BROTHER DID TO ISAAC) into believing “Jew” and “Judah” are one in the same. I also believe the state of ISRAEL is going to be used to induce as many remnants of Israel there in so it will be destroyed by Iran as a “pay back” to the Tribes of Israel for the cheating Jacob and Rebekah did to Esau. From Genesis I found Esau to be a great hunter and did what was asked of him by Isaac and feel for him for being “jewed” or “jacobbed” out of his birthright and blessings. Clearly, under Hebrew Law, this was a fraud! Before I shoot myself in the foot, whilst in my mouth, it would be appreciated if you can refute what I have just written. Thank you for the time you spend on reading this note. Best regards; Patrick

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