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September 11, 2001: Zionist shock therapy and the birth of the lie

20 September 2011 449,760 views 12 Comments

By the Editor.

New York City, New York. Shock is a curious thing. The human mind is at its most susceptible when the proverbial rug has been pulled from under its feet. When a momentous, shocking event occurs we are thrust into an uncomfortable, unfamiliar, frightening place. We look for explanations, try to make sense of chaos whilst we are at our most vulnerable. Our malleable minds accept and subconsciously cling to the first narrative our ‘protectors’ offer, whether real or imagined, whether plausible or nonsensical.

The events of 9/11 were not only faithful to this rule, but they represented a paradigmatic example of this concept in play. The ‘shock therapy’ that has been unleashed on nations by means of bombs, bullets, and economic warfare, equally applies to the human psyche. It is not only nations but also people, that can be remade. While a shell-shocked America reeled over the most shocking, heinous, and dramatic terrorist attack the United States has ever suffered, the very architects of this attack moved to cement their ‘new world order’ narrative – ushering in the ‘War on Terror’. Before the toxic dust had even settled on Manhattan, the afraid, angry masses would be given their enemy and they would be given their saviours, as an equally toxic cloud of delusion descended on the American consciousness.

Ehud Barak, the BBC, and the birth of a pre-packaged lie

As the largest broadcaster in the world with over 20,000 employees, the Zionist-controlled BBC was the chosen outlet for the birth of the myth that is the ‘War on Terror’. As the attacks were unfolding, the BBC already had its pre-prepared propaganda agenda in hand. Later in the day the BBC would unwittingly expose this fact most obviously when they reported, ticker and all, the fall of WTC-7 over 20 minutes before it even happened. Former Prime Minister of Israel and former commander of the elite IDF intelligence unit ‘Sayeret Matkal’, Ehud Barak, would narrate the macabre theatre.

It is important to remember at this point, this is precisely how such events work; ‘false flag’ terrorism is a form of psychological warfare. In order for the operation to be successful, the perpetrator must be able to establish the intended narrative at the very outset – as soon as the minds of the subjects have been traumatised, dazed, and ‘blank-slated’. This is the fertile ground needed for the lie to take root, and the lie must be planted as soon as possible.

Relinquishing his post as Israeli PM to genocidal war criminal Ariel Sharon in March 2001, Barak was to travel to the United States and spend the months preceding 9/11 consulting for Electronic Data Systems and SCP Partners, which is a Mossad-run company specialising in security-related work. Within SCP Partners’ business portfolio are a number of firms which specialise in the creation of advanced niche specialty metals and complex metals products for industries such as energy, aerospace, infrastructure, and specialty metals and chemical industries.

Of course on the morning of the 9/11 plot’s gruesome conclusion, he would be miraculously present at the offices of the largest broadcaster on the planet. Literally as American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 hurtled towards the twin towers, Ehud Barak (born Ehud Brog) was backstage at the BBC World offices in London, preparing to forge the War on Terror’s Zionist narrative in the vulnerable shell-shocked minds of his global audience.

“We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

Within the BBC’s pre-prepared news report – immediately before Barak is given the stage – a peculiar thing happened. Yasser Arafat, proudly clad with his Keffiyeh – the ultimate symbol of resistance to oppression – is interviewed in what was on the face of it a bizarre display of the utmost irrelevance. What on god’s green earth did the Palestinians have to do with an ongoing terror attack halfway across the globe, the perpetrators of which were at the time a complete mystery? As the BBC report would indicate with increasing clarity, the purpose of this was very simple: the Zionist narrative of the ‘War on Terror’ was being pulled out of its box and the Cellophane removed. Palestine – the righteous resistance at the very epicentre of Israel’s expansionist, hegemonic, genocidal ambitions – was the threat. Israel, the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’ was the solution and here was its former Prime Minister with the answer.

As if presiding over a court case with a defendant and a plaintiff, the BBC reporter proceeds with his script, “That’s the view from the Palestinian side,” and Ehud Barak takes to the screen.

This is an attack on our whole civilisation“. Who did it? “I believe we will know in twelve hours“. But that’s not important. What we need is a “globally concerted effort, led by the United States, the UK, Europe, and Russia“. Notice that Israel is conspicuously absent from the list; Israel doesn’t get its hands dirty unless it needs to.

Bin Laden sits in Afghanistan“, the oracle tells us, but he’s not saying bin Laden did it. Yet. Ask him again in 11 hours, 59 minutes. “Within six or ten years“, Barak insists, Iran, Iraq, and Libya, the ‘rogue states’ must be taken down. Six or ten years on, and it’s two down, one to go.

Dehumanise the enemy: the ‘celebrating Palestinians’ propaganda

At four minutes and fifty-nine seconds through the video you see a Reuters feed flash up during the BBC’s live report. The despatch alludes to: “Palestian [sic] celebrations” in Jerusalem. The next act of the script is being played out as Palestinians, and by extension Muslims, are dehumanised and portrayed as heartless, bloodthirsty animals.

Scenes of ‘Palestinians celebrating’ in occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem), filmed by Reuters and AP, were later broadcast on TV on the BBC, Fox, CNN, and several other corporate-Zionist controlled media outlets:

Ten days after the event, in a piece titled Die Macht der TV-Bilder (‘The power of TV images’), well-respected German paper Der Spiegel utterly exposed this pernicious anti-Palestinian propaganda as being staged and manipulated.

It transpired that the lady who can be seen cheering and celebrating in front of the camera was told to do so, and offered cake in return. She later told German reporters of this, and was absolutely horrified to learn of the fraudulent context in which the footage was broadcast to an information-hungry world in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Further to this, you can clearly see in the video that there is only a very small number of children and people celebrating. In the background, one can see several people standing around nonchalantly, or simply walking from one place to the next.

Also, notice that the footage consists of only close, narrow shots. Long, wide shots would have shown the entire scene on the street: small groups of children and a handful of people celebrating, who were being urged and provoked to do so by those filming.

This footage, consisting of no more than a few seconds and a few people, was repeatedly broadcast to global audiences, alongside the chilling footage of Flight 175 slamming into the South Tower. By the time the hoax was exposed (albeit only by a German-language paper), the damage had already been done.

The big lie: peppered with Israeli fingerprints from preparation to orchestration and narration

The ‘mainstream’ 9/11 truth movement exhibits an acute case of selective vision. Whether through fear of the dreaded ‘anti-Semite’ epithet, or through aversion to the ubiquitous (but not entirely unfounded) ‘Jewish power & conspiracy’ stereotypes, the obvious and central Israeli connections to 9/11 are ignored.

The 9/11 false flag, and the torrent of Israeli-prescribed propaganda that followed as the towers fell, was engineered to instigate the War on Terror. Without a doubt, the axis consisting of the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, and the myriad of ‘disaster capitalism’ multinationals, benefited greatly from and colluded to differing degrees in 9/11. However, attributing the central role of planning and orchestration of 9/11 to these actors is born of short-sightedness. The BBC’s evidently pre-planned Zionist propaganda set-piece provided a clue to this, but this was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Not only did Israel benefit economically, politically, and militarily from 9/11 more so than any other nation on the planet, but ardent Zionists with close links to Israel, US-Israeli dual nationals, and even Israelis, are found at every pivotal nook and cranny of the plot.

The clues are abundant, and lay at the very core of the 9/11 conspiracy (how absurd it now seems to use that long-abused word in its proper context).

From the unprecedented privatisation of the WTC six weeks prior to the events, to the sophisticated hardware used to fly the remotely-controlled jets; from the missing trillions at the Pentagon, to the Israeli spies caught with explosives and subsequently released in New York, to the man who let them go – the same man who co-authored the Patriot Act and headed up the Department of Homeland Security; from the advance warnings received by Israeli communications company Odigo and part Israeli state-owned company ZIM (which terminated its WTC tenure one week before the event incurring a $50,000 bill), to the Israeli company that ran security at the 9/11 airports. This company, ICTS International, even ran security for the ‘shoe bomber’ airport, the ‘underpants bomber’ airport, as well as the 7/7 London bus service that was bombed in 2005. Yet another Israeli company, Verint Systems, ran the camera system in the London Tube network when it told the world that its cameras ‘weren’t working’, in an attempt to explain why there was no footage of any of the alleged bombers entering their respective tube trains. But I digress. The blue and white six-pointed star can be uncovered in all of the most obvious central aspects of the 9/11 game plan.

Six weeks before 9/11 the WTC ownership was transferred into private hands for the first time in history. Ronald Lauder lobbied for this to happen. Lewis Eisenberg, head of the Port Authority, presided over the deal. It was awarded to Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy. All of these men are staunch Zionists with close links to Israel; Silverstein – former IDF soldier – even speaks to Benjamin Netanyahu on a weekly basis. Billionaire Lauder is closely involved with several pro-Israel Jewish organisations including the JNF (which appropriates Palestinian land for the exclusive use of Jewish settlers). He even accompanied President Bush on his 2008 delegation to Israel, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Nakba.

Lowy fought in the Nakba as a member of the Golani brigade and, like Silverstein, miraculously steered clear of the WTC on that fateful Tuesday morning. All four men are intimately involved in the abhorrent Anti-Defamation League.

On September 10, 2001, the very day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion in missing funds at the Pentagon. The Bush-appointed man responsible for the Pentagon’s finances at that time was staunch Zionist and Rabbi Dov Zakheim – a man who had been the Chief Executive of Systems Planning Corporation for the previous fourteen years – since 1987. SPC manufactures advanced aviation technology used for the remote piloting of large jet aircraft.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, residents of Bergen, New Jersey, saw five men stood atop a white van. These men had set up a camera to record the twin towers before the first plane had hit. Upon the impact of Flight 11 and the instantaneous, hellish death of hundreds of innocent people, these men celebrated and cheered together. The horrified residents reported the men, who were later apprehended by police. The Israeli men tested positive for explosives, but were not charged with anything and were later released.

A second van was found later that day in even more suspicious circumstances. By the George Washington bridge, which connects New York City to New Jersey, two Israeli men were caught driving the van containing a truckload of explosives. Dan Rather, news anchor for CBS, would report:

“Two suspects are in FBI custody after a truckload of explosives were discovered around the George Washington Bridge. That bridge links New York to New Jersey over the Hudson River. Whether the discovery of those explosives had anything to do with other events today is unclear, but the FBI, has two suspects in hand, said the truckload of explosives, enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge.“

All of these Israelis were subsequently released ultimately by Michael Chertoff – ardent Zionist and son of a Talmudic Rabbi and the first hostess for El Al Airlines, a suspected Mossad front. Chertoff also co-authored the Patriot Act – legislation used to spy on Americans and stifle dissent in the name of ‘national security’.

It cannot be denied that politically and militarily, Israel benefited from 9/11 more than any other nation on the face of the earth. The false flag terror attacks afforded the Zionist entity endless political capital to pursue and accelerate its genocidal ambitions against Muslims in Palestine, and its goals of regional hegemony in coaxing the U.S. to invade Iraq.

In addition to this there is the important element of economic benefits; even the Israeli government admits that its economy is centred around the homeland security and weapons industry.

As a direct result of 9/11, the homeland security industry has boomed to astronomical proportions, eclipsing Hollywood and the music industry. Unprecedented security paranoia, war, and conflict are racking the planet. An ever-growing number of U.S. and Israeli-made drones (and Israel is considered the leading player whilst five NATO countries are using Israeli drones in Afghanistan) are patrolling the skies of the Middle East and Central Asia. Is it any wonder that Israel is one of the few nations on the planet that has largely avoided the post-9/11 economic slump?

The Zionist-controlled BBC’s pre-prepared ‘kick-off’ propaganda set-piece ‘hosted’ by Israeli Zionist heavyweight Ehud Barak, erected the ‘War on Terror’ before the events of 9/11 had even come to pass. The former Israeli Prime Minister’s appearance in what was a uniquely Zionist and anti-Palestinian news report as Manhattan burned provided a telling clue as to the perpetrators of the 9/11 psychological warfare operation. While real Israelis cheered in Manhattan, the world’s TV screens showed manipulated footage of Palestinians ‘celebrating’ 9/11.

Not only are Israel’s fingerprints all over 9/11 (something which is apparent even from the incomplete break-down above), but the new global paradigm that was forged on that day, empowered and benefited Israel in every conceivable way.

Your cause may be the Palestinian struggle, waged in the occupied holy lands of the Middle East. Your cause may be the fight against the unstoppable, destructive free-market neoliberal economic doctrine. Your cause may be the battle against fear, struck into our hearts by the ‘al Qaeda’ ghost – kept alive by psychological warfare outfits such as the Zionist-run SITE group. Your struggle may be against the decade of wars now expanding into Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Perhaps your cause is all of the above. In any case, what cannot be denied is that 9/11 is the seminal event, inextricably and intimately linked to almost every major problem the world faces today. Only through establishing the whole truth about this Zionist deception can we even begin to glimpse peace.


  • Chris said:

    I posted this article on my youtube page:


    Only 9/11 truth will set us free.

  • Chris said:

    I didn’t mean to be rude. I should have asked, you don’t mind that I link to it do you?

  • John Friend said:

    An excellent article Martin, top notch in my opinion. Thousands of pages could be written regarding the obvious role Israel played in realizing the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB on 9/11. dave has made some interesting observations, but I still think the evidence points to 9/11 being done by Israel, and their criminal agents of influence that have complete control of the US government (and much of the Western world).

    I write strictly from an American perspective- I am American, I have lived here my entire life, and I have a pretty good idea of what is going on over here. And it is 100% crystal clear that the Zionist Jews completely control this place. What really brought this to my attention was researching 9/11. At every single angle a Jew or Zionist puppet was involved on 9/11. No doubt about this anymore folks. They did it.

    You write:

    “Literally as American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 hurtled towards the twin towers, Ehud Barak (born Ehud Brog) was backstage at the BBC World offices in London, preparing to forge the War on Terror’s Zionist narrative in the vulnerable shell-shocked minds of his global audience.”

    I challenge you on this one statement respectfully, because it’s an extremely controversial subject, but one that needs to be addressed and sussed out. There is no evidence that any Boeing 757/767s were involved anywhere on 9/11, whether we are talking about NYC, Washington DC, or Shanksville. We have some faked videos in NYC showing what appears to be airplanes flying into the WTC. But these videos are clearly manipulated, and what they purport to show violates the laws of physics. Bottom line- there is no evidence to support any of the claims made by the government and media regarding 9/11.

    Ehud Barak, Silverstein, Netanyahu, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Cheney, and all the other PNAC folks need to be arrested immediately for their complicity in 9/11 and all the wars crimes/crimes against humanity/crimes against truth we’ve seen in the past 10+ years.

    Enough is enough.

    Cheers Martin, great website man!

  • nit2am said:


    Thanks for reading and thanks for your kind words.

    Regarding the ‘no planes’ theory, I have to say that I disagree. I’ve pondered this issue in the past, and there is no solid basis for the theory, at least that I can see.

    There are multiple videos from different angles, of the second plane impact. There is also a video of the first impact (taken by a NYC firehouse on the ground). Most of these videos clearly show the reactions of people who are witnessing the planes impacting with the towers. Are you suggesting that the planes in all of these videos, from different levels of elevation and different angles, are faked? And the witnesses’ reactions to seeing the planes, were they faked somehow? Remember the ‘NYC firehouse video’ – the only reason they trained the camera at the tower in the first place was because they saw and heard the jet flying above their heads. This occurred before the impact.

    When the planes impacted the towers, a huge explosive ejection can be seen on the other side of the tower as the mass and momentum of the aircraft travelled through the building, and the jet fuel on board exploded. Were these explosions also faked? If not, how were they achieved keeping in mind the fact that the explosive ejection ocurred only on one side of the building, while the other side exhibits a clear plane-shaped entry point? How was this plane-shaped entry point achieved?

    For the 50 or so minutes that the towers burned, countless cameras from countless news crews were trained on the towers. What can clearly be seen are these plane-shaped ‘incisions’ in the sides of the towers, where the planes entered. Was all of this footage faked too? If not, and these ‘incisions’ are real, how were they achieved? No explosions were seen emanating outwards from these points; outward explosions only occurred on the other sides of the towers.

    It really is not difficult to fly a plane into a building using remote control, and GPS/homing technology (once you’ve taken care of NORAD). This technology has existed for decades, and in fact Dov Zackheim’s SPC has been manufacturing it for years. As you know, the Bush-appointed PNAC signatory Zackheim is implicated in investigating the missing trillions at the Pentagon, and so it’s not a far cry to suggest that his company, SPC, was involved in the aviation side of the 9/11 plot. In fact this is the most logical and sound conclusion.

    Why would Norad have been made to stand down if no planes were actually used in the WTC attack? Why would the countless drills (Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Guardian etc.) have been arranged if the F16s and NORAD air defences were inconsequential, as would be the case if no planes were to be used?

    In my opinion, the ‘no planes’ theory is one of many other alternative, baseless theories that do great damage to the 9/11 truth movement. It serves to delegitimise the calls for a new investigation by lumping invalid questions in with valid ones. We cannot hope to wake up ordinary Americans by peddling these sorts of stories. As soon as the average Joe hears about ‘no planes’, or ‘mini-nukes’, or ‘directed energy weapons’, they will switch off to 9/11 truth, believing that the basis for the movement is nothing more than paranoid fantasy. This is precisely the aim of Sunstein et al with their ‘cognitive inflitration’ and ‘beneficial cognitive diversity’, and this will ultimately be the death of the movement.

    But I welcome discussion on this.

    Kind regards,

  • Chris said:

    Tony Blair? I’m sorry but I could not disagree more. Israel were the lead dogs on 9/11 and certain Americans, including Cheney were the followers. All involved are murderers but I think the evidence pretty clearly shows who was in the drivers seat-Israel.

  • Chris said:

    And while I love John Friends site, I must disagree with him on the “no planes” theory. Martin has it right-its meant to poison the well.

    Now no plane at the Pentagon? Absolutely. Or at most a much smaller, “friendly” military plane. But no planes at the towers? Disinfo.

  • RealUniverse said:

    I saw the BBC footage as it unfurled on 9-11 2001. And yes a certain E Barak was there right in the BBC studio which I thought at the time was rather unusual at least. I checked this on my tape of it which I still have. I can remember his comments like “vee must defeat zer teerists” at this time there had been NO mention of any persons responsible from any official US govt statement that this even was a confirmed terrorist attack, even though one could say it was likely. His remarks looked pretty darn suspicious with his whole tone and attitude. He wasnt even shocked.

  • skyline said:

    i am looking at these pictures and its sick how the whole world laughed at us and watched us suffer, its just sick

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  • Crow said:

    Whoever believes Gods people doesn’t amount to anything more than a political entity created by the UN has some serious mental problems.

    Whoever believes taking a fake name, giving yourself some fake titles of nobility to go with your fake crest and shield and that red star to go along with the blue star on the fake flag of the fake Jews has even bigger mental problems because the days fast approaching they will be needing to find another planet to live on once people wake up and realize they’ve been played for fools by the elitists who haven’t considered their own end would come because they’ve been brainwashed into believing they are superior to all other people. They believe they’re so special so much smarter than everybody else that they must truly be the chosen ones sent to rule the world. You have to wonder why such special chosen people need the help of all us not special people because it’s obvious they can’t build, grow, create or do any of the other things it takes to support yourself. Look at them, parasites feeding off their unwitting host. Damn straight they’re scared every parasite knows the penalty for being discovered, sudden death.

    They created the world everybody hates and it has nothing whatsoever to do with God. They made it and there’s no God in that world just false idols and images the devil they made and sold their souls too. It’s so bad theyve listened to the greatest liar if all time Satan for so long they believe God actually needs their help. The reality of it is theyve become so disconnected from the real world that they only believe their illusion and so being delusional followed that and then paranoia would come to drag them into the end of their road, they only imagine its heaven the end of that road is suicide. No one will remember or sing them songs or ever again look upon the images they made. Forgotten and erased blotted out of the book forever and the people will all say Thank God but for now they don’t know how to overcome what’s holding them back….. 7

  • Huggles said:

    Another feature with the video of the cheering Palestinians, it is in broad daylight; either noon or just before. 9/11 happened at about 10 am in New York which was between 4pm and 5pm in Palestine. No one knew what was happening until the second tower was hit so it would have been at least an hour after the attacks before audiences would under stand.

    It is not high noon at 5pm in Palestine. The video is fraudulent.

  • yhin said:

    Excellent article, pulls no punches. Not conspiracy, just truth in its most obvious form. Israel is a plague on this whole planet and their psychotic strategies whilst working well for them 15 years ago have only succeeded in making the awake ones ever vigilant to their next lie. Most people in the West suffer from cognitive dissonance when confronted with these truths and have great apathy when it comes to the power Zio-Masonic rule. They can’t see the subliminal, subconscious control they have over their reality. Do they fear those that know? I don’t think so, they are too arrogant for that. Hopefully that will be their downfall. Even as we speak powerful nations like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others are plotting their revenge but these nations will be demonised by Western Zio-Masonic media outlets, you can already see it happening. They are remanaging their gold supplies to get their currencies off of Zio-Masonic fiat debt currency and no war in Syria can stop them. Other countries, mainly China has quit buying US treasury bonds leaving it up to private companies the Zio-Masons own to keep America afloat. That’s why America is suddenly trying to make a reason to go to war with China. If it wasn’t for the petro-dollar scam the American dollar would have zero value whatsoever. If war was to break out between the US and these countries securing oil away from the petro-dollar is a priority hence the South China Sea. All current posturing comes from the 911 myth. They have taken the world for granted and hijacked America and its people. They will fail disgracefully.

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