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All in the Family: David Cameron’s Jewish Roots and the Coreligionists Who Brought Him to Power

7 January 2014 62,494 views 23 Comments

By the Editor.

While speaking to a 500-strong group of Jewish lobbyists in London in 2007, UK Prime Minister David Cameron declared,(1)I am a Zionist“. He went on to add, “I’m not just a good friend of Israel but I am, as you put it, good for Jews.

These comments can easily be explained merely as fawning attempts to placate and appease the Jewish lobby – a necessary step for any who wish to assume high office. One has to ask the question though: why does ‘Anglican’ David Cameron conceal his own Jewish identity?

David Cameron is not merely of Jewish descent; he hails from a bloodline that can fairly be described as Jewish royalty, yet he claims never to have known this. As he spoke to the Movement for Reform Judaism in 2010 he described his learning of his Jewish ancestry(2) as the “highlight” of his year.

While studying the Cameron family tree in 2009,(3) Dr Yaakov Wise – a University of Manchester historian who specialises in Jewish history – found that David Cameron is descended from a highly distinguished Jewish family line (emphases added):

And according to Dr Wise, who has been using archival material to examine the Cameron family tree, the Tory leader could also be a direct descendent of the greatest ever Hebrew prophet, Moses.

Cameron is a descendent of banker Emile Levita, who came to Britain as a German immigrant in the 1850s. Emile Levita was himself a descendent of Elijah Levita, who lived from 1469-1549.

During the last years of his life Elijah Levita produced, among other works, two major books: the 1541 Translator’s Book, the first dictionary of the Targums or Aramaic commentaries on the Hebrew Bible.

His lexicon of 1542 explained much of the Mishnaic Hebrew language and was a supplement to two important earlier dictionaries.

Elijah Levita also wrote what is thought to be the first ever Yiddish novel – called the Bove-bukh (The Book of Bove) written in 1507 and printed in 1541.

The book is based on an Italian version of an Anglo-Norman tale about a queen who betrays her husband and causes his death.

Emile Levita, who was granted citizenship in 1871, is Cameron’s great great grandfather.

Cameron’s great-great grandfather, Emile Levita was a German Jewish financier who emigrated to Britain and obtained British citizenship in 1871. Levita was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which in 1969 became Standard Chartered Bank. Levita himself is descended from Elijah Levita, a Jewish scholar of out-and-out luminary status whose writings included not only a dictionary explaining much of the Talmudic Hebrew language (or ‘Mishnaic Hebrew’), but the first ever Yiddish novel (Yiddish, meaning literally “Jewish” is a language of German Ashkenazi Jews written in the Hebrew alphabet).

Considering the sheer historical eminence of his ancestors, it would take real gullibility to believe that David Cameron ‘found out’ about his roots one year before he assumed office. The question is not ‘why did Cameron have no knowledge of his Jewish roots’, but rather, why would he conceal his Jewish identity?

A 2006 report by the Jewish Chronicle(4) cited here by Stuart Littlewood(5) perhaps goes some way in explaining this. The report titled ‘Team Cameron’s big Jewish backers‘ is a laundry list of powerful members of the Jewish community who donated over £1 million to David Cameron, explaining his inexplicable rise to power after a relatively mundane and unremarkable political career.

The biggest Jewish donor to the party while Mr Cameron has been leader is gaming magnate Lord Steinberg, who has donated £530,000, plus a loan of £250,000. Hedge-fund owner Stanley Fink has donated £103,000, even though he was a declared supporter of Mr Cameron’s leadership rival, Liam Fox. A further £250,000 has been loaned by philanthropist Dame Vivien Duffield.

During Mr Cameron’s campaign to lead his party, Jewish figures gave his team (as opposed to the party) additional donations of more than £60,000. According to the JC’s inquiries, direct donations to “Team Cameron” in the leadership battle came from philanthropist Trevor Pears (around £20,000), Bicom chair Poju Zabludowicz (£15,000 plus £25,000 to the party), Next chief executive Simon Wolfson (£10,000 plus £50,000 to the party), former Carlton TV boss Michael Green (£10,000) and Tory deputy treasurer and key Cameron fundraiser Andrew Feldman (£10,000 through his family firm, Jayroma).

Aside from these donations from powerful Jewish figures, a ‘small but influential’ group of Jewish Conservative officials and politicians were also ‘key players’ in Cameron’s campaign for leadership, the Jewish Chronicle report goes on to mention.(4)

In the aforementioned piece,(5) Stuart Littlewood makes an observation about the extent to which Jews are over-represented in the British parliament (emphases added):

While nobody is suggesting, I hope, that Jews have no place in our law-making, it is not unreasonable to wish the number to reflect their presence in the population. Three years ago the Jewish Chronicle published a list of Jewish MPs in Britain’s Parliament, naming 24. The Jewish population in the UK at that time was – and probably still is – around 280,000 or just under 0.5 per cent. There are 650 seats in the House of Commons so, on a proportional basis, Jews could expect three seats. But with 24 they were eight times over-represented. Which meant, of course, that other groups were under-represented.

The UK’s Muslim population is about 2.4 million or nearly 4 per cent. Similarly, their quota would be 25 seats but they had only eight – a serious shortfall. If Muslims were over-represented to the same extent as Jews (i.e. eight times) they’d have 200 seats. Imagine the hullabaloo.

David Cameron appointed the UK’s first Jewish ambassador(6) to the Zionist regime, Matthew Gould.

Succeeded by David Cameron, the previous leader of the Conservative party, Michael Howard, is also Jewish,(7) as is the current leader of the UK Labour party, Ed Miliband.(8) Not bad going for a group that constitutes less than 0.5% of Britain’s population.

If the British public were to consider Cameron’s very real pursuance of Zionist policies in the context of his rise to power on the back of Jewish money, there would be a public awakening (which would no-doubt be labelled as ‘anti-Semitism’). In light of this, the decision to conceal his Jewish identity can easily be understood.

It is not democratic for a holder of high office to be put in place by the money of powerful political pressure groups. Nor is it democratic for one ethno-religious group to be grossly over-represented within the corridors of power.

If the interests of the Zionist regime and the powerful Jewish community were to conflict with those of the United Kingdom, who would David ‘I’m a Zionist‘ Cameron really represent? If the recent wars on Libya and Syria are anything to go by, this question need not be asked.


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(2) ‘David Cameron Speaks to the Movement for Reform Judaism’ – Written by Movement for Reform Judaism, 12 April 2010.
(3) ‘Illustrious Jewish roots of Tory leader revealed’ – The University of Manchester, 10 July 2009.
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  • R. Olausen said:

    After 1\4 million man army camped in S.A. desert waiting for a Storm, nobody worldwise could claim not to know where the bear shat in the buckwheat. As for Cameron, you can’t join a coming out party if you don’t come out.

  • Dante Ardenz said:

    Britain has been the center of world Jewish power since the Puritan (Jewish Banker Front)takeover by Oliver Cromwellin in the 1600’s.. He was fully funded by them, from abroad;than allowed their re-entry.Established a Central Bank, under their control,and persecuted their enemies. He began revolutionizing English Society;giving it a Judaic Bent . “Britain was the new Israel”.Was a line tha became legend in many quaters.Than entered the Jewish Rothchilds,who later installed the Saxe-Coburgs/House Of Hannover…..The British Empire grew to rule the world,and it was financed by Jews. The enitre finance capital system their creation.Every enemy of the Jews system was attacked,and fought to extinction: Napoleon,The Second Reich during WW1,The Third Reich,despite pleas from them, for negotiation every time.Czarist Russia overthrown by jewish Communists backed by London Banks. Lincoln beat them off,as the Confederacy was their front, in North America,only to have the US Republic, taken over finally by Rothchild 57 % Closed Stock,in 1913 ……Wars ,and bribery made them. In 1915 theRothchilds finally took total control of The Bank Of England. December 8th, 1940 Winston Churchill,(mother a notorious JewishJenny Jerome,ne Jacobson)their total puppet sold off The South African Rail ways to them..All to keep his drunken,glory ,loving war ambition in power,and the Rothchilds vice grip closing. Jew lover Thatcher ,there later enabler. SEE Churchill & The Jews:A Life Long Friendship,by Martin Gilbert. CHURCHILLS WAR/HITLERS WAR:David Irving Action Report.Com.HUMAN SMOKE Nicholsan Baker.

  • Ingrid B said:

    “they” are also well established in the “British” royal family..

  • Edward said:

    David Cameron is not on the level. Of course he knew but he’s like the little guy before him, Toady. Cameron bragged sometimes back about calling his party the “Torah Party” rather than the “Tory Party” for the number of jews he had appointed to important positions. I guess he must have said that because of his Arabic cousins.

  • Brian Concannon said:

    Seems to be a right of passage, either be a Zionist or a Zionist puppet to reach the corridors of power. If you don’t play the game or only play half the game, you get the JFK treatment or the Murdoch treatment, as Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard can attest to.
    I know Malcolm Turnbull is Zionist and the International banksters would much prefer him to b running Australia for them, but I wonder whether non transparency Tony Abbott has any Jewish roots ?
    As Jewish Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin found out. Peace is a big no no to the Zionist NWO agenda

  • Peter Hunter said:

    And they keep on saying that THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION is a fake document: that is, it wasn’t written by Jewish wise elders but concocted by “anti-Semites”!

  • David said:

    I get the feeling that whoever wrote this article doesn’t like Jews.
    They are over-represented, as we know, in many other fields. Take for example science. Just look at the outrageous number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners, or the amount of successful technological innovations that came to light from Jewish minds. I suggest the author to boycott them all, and stop using Facebook (the internet at all, actually), mobile phones, Jewish developed medical technologies and drugs (if you do, your visit to the doctor will be a waste of time, so just skip it), and replace all that by Muslim generated inventions like…
    Well, nothing comes to my mind right now but I’m sure you’ll figure out something.
    The root for antisemitism is actually envy.

  • jan momberg said:

    They get everywhere, these people: Marx, Einstein, Freud, Christ.
    Major contributors to world history or what?

  • Ari said:

    Is there any more ethnocentric (be they an ethnic or religious) group in this world ? President Trumans words:

    “The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered …. when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.”

  • David Cameron’s Christian Cock-Up | Floating-voter said:

    […] By the Editor — The Empire Strikes Black August 7, 2014 […]

  • Nick Bramwell said:

    Astonishing how he can believe such a sucker line. If he had read Tess of the D’Urbavilles as a child he would have the intellectual backbone to dismiss such utter rubbish as manipulation and flattery. Shocking to find out what a vain, idiotic and grredy man has office in the UK.

  • Greg said:

    To David back in March last year. Fairly sure Alexander Fleming wasn’t Jewish. Nor indeed Edward Jenner. So you’ve got the discovery of antibiotics and vaccination coming from British Gentiles. Moreover, it’s generally accepted that Islamic culture gave rise to modern medicine. Think about what you’re writing in future.

  • John said:

    Interesting, if something of a rant.
    But did you know that his sidekick George Osborne’s Hungarian great grandfather Bela Feher was also a banker?

  • Max ROBERTS said:

    Why would Cameron not have discovered his Jewish roots before, especially ones as eminent as his?

    Not long ago, in both the UK and US Jews were often shunned and discriminated against. John Kerry and Madeleine Albright were well into adulthood before learning that he was 50%-Jewish and she was 100%. Kerry Sr had married into one of Boston’s top families, in the early ’40s, when Jews were openly shunned in Boston. Kerry Sr soon left and never returned.

    Madeleine’s family escaped Czechoslovakia as the Nazis rolled in. Lucky! Rather than memorialize persecution, their ‘Never Again’ took on other meaning via deep cover and apostasy. Among Jews living in majority Christian nations this pattern occurred often enough if they had just moved to the US or UK or from one region of the US to another.

    What more can Empire Strikes Black do? Check Cameron for circumcision? And what would that prove?

    Only Rothschild’s Jewishness never kept him out of much that interested him.

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    […] invited Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to speak at its annual reception(1) in Brighton on Tuesday. The power of the “Israeli” lobby in Whitehall(2) is not news to those with a keen eye on British politics. That being said, for any British voter […]

  • rich said:

    Jews are religious .. Zionists are
    united by a common purpose. Possibly to gain and maintain control by fowl means, cruelty and terror. In my humble opinion.

  • Marl said:

    rich, you don’t mention that Jesus was Jewish and tried to make a difference. His cohorts, after he died, chose a different route than was that of Jesus.

    If you think Jews use “fowl” means — you obviously believe that so did Jesus.

    BTW, fowl = chicken, turkey, etc.

    Foul = is the way you think.

  • Anti-Zionist Wit Vs. “Chosen” Gutterisms: Dieudonné and Imperialist Subservience To Jewish Supremacy |  SHOAH said:

    […] The United Kingdom. That rancid, corrupt, pathetic excuse for a country that inflicted the curse of Tony Blair on the world, whose premiership was controlled by a “Jewish cabal” (6), whose rise to political stardom began in an “Israeli” embassy in 1994 and who was nothing but a demented, warmongering tool for the likes of Lord Michael “Cashpoint” Levy (7) and Lord Peter Mandelson, the Zionist chieftain who assisted Levy in fomenting the “New Labor Revolution” scam (8). That violent, sanguinary, servile stooge of Zion that brought the coward Gordon Brown to power, who kneeled before the “Holocaust” idol on a visit to the Zionist occupation regime (9), declared his nation a “true friend” of the usurping Jewish entity (10) and still, still, STILL got burned in the end by the extremist Zionist operatives Jon Mendelsohn and property tycoon David Abrahams (11). That Global-South-destroying, racist, hateful isle of iniquity that took the likes of Blair and Brown and raised the stakes just a bit further with an even fouler creature: David Cameron, a product of literal Jewish royalty (12). […]

  • Richard. Saunders said:

    Has David Cameron betrayed his Jewish roots by offering Germany the opportunity to, ultimately control Europe by remaining in the E.U.? Mmmm.

    If more money for Multinationals is the real reason, then, shame on him.

    I am a W.A.S.P (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) not wishing to lose my British identity, or even it be diluted.

    Any help and advice to protect the above from from people’s already suffering and suffered from far far worse would be much appreciated.

    Richard Saunders

  • Richard. Saunders said:

    Has David Cameron betrayed his Jewish roots by offering Germany the opportunity to, ultimately control Europe by remaining in the E.U.? Mmmm.

    If more money for Multinationals is the real reason, then, shame on him.

    I am a W.A.S.P (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) not wishing to lose my British identity, or even it be diluted.

    Any help and advice to protect the above from from people’s already suffering and suffered from far far worse would be much appreciated.

    Richard Saunders

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