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The ‘rebel’ assassination of Muammar Gaddafi: a NATO operation from A to Z

22 October 2011 50,984 views 18 Comments

By the Editor.

Updated 24 October, 2011 – click here to go to the update.

Muammar Gaddafi – revolutionary leader of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – was assassinated on Thursday 20 October, 2011, in the Libyan city of Sirte. The precise circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded with mystery and contradicting reports, but the media consensus is that NATO’s ‘rebel’ stooges captured and killed him. This has lent the unelected and universally despised NTC occupation government a decisive propaganda victory in the war on Libya. However, a picture is emerging as to the actual circumstances of his death, one that puts NATO special forces – likely the British SAS – in the centre of the frame.

SAS squads hunting Gaddafi for weeks

NATO special forces including the British SAS have been on the ground in Libya since February – long before the beginning of the Orwellian ‘no-fly zone’. These forces set up bases in Libya from which they trained and directed the poorly-trained ‘rebel’ mercenaries being used as pawns to overthrow Gaddafi. The Libya war would not have been possible without the presence of these special forces. NATO airstrikes have been coordinated by these operatives on the ground. Further to this, the incredibly inept ‘rebels’ have proven themselves utterly incapable of achieving and holding a single military or strategic victory against the overwhelming size and breadth of the indigenous Green Libyan Resistance. Operation Mermaid Dawn, coordinated and overtly carried out by Western special forces and soldiers, was an indication of the sheer ineptitude of the tribalists, terrorists and extremists fighting for NATO as ‘Libyan rebels’.

After Operation Mermaid Dawn in August, British SAS soldiers, dressed in civilian Arab garb and carrying the same weaponry as the ‘rebels’, refocused their efforts towards hunting down Muammar Gaddafi. Furthermore, the British media was replete with reports of this special forces activity on Libyan soil.

A matter of days ago on Thursday 20 October, 2011, NATO’s war on Libya culminated in the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi. As could have been predicted for a war replete with brazen psychological warfare, the ‘official’ story was that the ‘rebel’ forces had captured Gaddafi cowering in a sewage pipe, and he subsequently died in their custody. This story was betrayed by the fact that NATO themselves admitted to bombing the revolutionary leader’s convoy as it was travelling in the Sirte area on that morning. U.S. officials confirmed that an American Predator drone fired on the convoy, as did French aircraft. In reality it is not justifiable to claim a ‘rebel’ victory here, when NATO bombs were instrumental to Gaddafi’s capture, as they were to the entire war.

Knowing that NATO had targeted Gaddafi’s convoy, and knowing that the British SAS had been hunting him for weeks, a logical person will deduce that NATO would have been tracking the convoy during and after the strike, and an SAS squad would have been rapidly sent to the location.

This theory is bolstered by a recent report from the well-connected Israeli intelligence outfit DEBKAfile. In a report titled ‘After helping to kill Qaddafi, NATO prepares to end Libya mission‘, DEBKA reveals that its military sources indicate Gaddafi was captured and shot by NATO special forces:

DEBKAfile’s military sources report mounting indications that a NATO special forces unit – although of which nation is unknown – located and captured Muammar Qaddafi in the Sirte area.

They aparently shot him in both legs to prevent his escape and informed a Misrata militia of his whereabouts, knowing they would kill him in view of the town’s long reckoning with the former Libyan ruler. NATO was guided by two considerations: First not to comprise the presence of ground troops in the battle zone in breach of the alliance’s UN mandate; and second, to give the Libyan rebels a psychological victory – especially after they failed in battle to capture Qaddafi’s home town of Sirte.”

Qatari special forces are known to have a long relationship with the British SAS, dating back 20 years. Qatari special forces were involved in Operation Mermaid Dawn. NATO’s inclusion of Qatari forces allows the occupying forces to: a) minimise the chance of Western casualties and the resulting political fallout, and b) more easily impersonate indigenous Arab Libyan fighters.

In light of the known SAS involvement in coordinating airstrikes and hunting Gaddafi – in addition to DEBKA’s report – it is highly likely that British special forces (or Qataris led by the British) captured Gaddafi and handed him over to the occupation ‘rebel’ forces after callously shooting him to prevent escape and ensure his eventual death.

The media consensus however paints an entirely false picture of a ‘rebel’ victory. These occupation stooges have been unable to hold a single city without NATO’s bombs, bullets and hellfire missiles first razing everything in their path. Every single decisive event in the war on Libya has been achieved by NATO while being fraudulently attributed to this group of witless, power-hungry rats. Even the ultimate ‘victory’ of capturing and murdering Muammar Gaddafi, was handed to them on a plate by foreign forces – the real face behind the so-called Libyan ‘uprising’.

Update: 24 October, 2011

A report by the UK Telegraph adds further weight to the theory that the operation to assassinate Gaddafi was carried out by NATO and its special forces on the ground. The 20 October report titled ‘Col Gaddafi killed: convoy bombed by drone flown by pilot in Las Vegas‘ reveals a number of key facts. In summary:

  • British SAS forces and U.S. special forces had been scouring the Sirte area for Gaddafi, unable to find him;
  • Approximately a week before he was murdered, NATO had pinpointed Gaddafi’s position after an intelligence breakthrough;
  • Anticipating Gaddafi’s movements, NATO held Sirte under close video and audio surveillance from the air and using ground forces;
  • The Telegraph report also corroborates the fact that a US Predator drone fired first on the convoy, followed by French aircraft.
  • This puts paid to NATO’s patently false claims of not knowing that Gaddafi was in the convoy when they struck.

    Col Gaddafi killed: convoy bombed by drone flown by pilot in Las Vegas

    Gaddafi had been under surveillance by Nato forces for the past week after an intelligence breakthrough allowed them to pinpoint his location.

    An American drone and an array of Nato eavesdropping aircraft had been trained on his Sirte stronghold to ensure he could not escape.

    Intelligence sources have suggested that in his last days Gaddafi broke his rigid rule of telephone silence and was overheard using either a mobile or satellite phone. Voice recognition technology would have instantly picked up any call that he made.

    MI6 agents and CIA officers on the ground were also providing intelligence and it is believed that Gaddafi was given a code name in the same way that US forces used the name Geronimo during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

    Since the fall of Tripoli in August, intelligence services have been searching for Gaddafi across Libya and beyond using agents, special forces and eavesdropping equipment.

    US and British special forces had trawled through Gaddafi’s former desert stronghold around Sirte and the south of Libya without finding him.

    “US Predators and French drones have been staking out the centre of Sirte for several weeks trying to monitor what’s going on on the battlefield,” said an intelligence source.

    “They built up a normal pattern of life picture so that when something unusual happened this morning such as a large group of vehicles gathering together, that came across as highly unusual activity and the decision was taken to follow them and prosecute an attack.”

    Electronic warfare aircraft, either an American Rivet Joint or a French C160 Gabriel, also picked up Gaddafi’s movements as he attempted to escape.

    The Predator drone, flown out of Sicily and controlled via satellite from a base outside Las Vegas, struck the convoy with a number of Hellfire anti-tank missiles. Moments later French jets, most likely Rafales, swept in, targeting the vehicles with 500lb Paveway bombs or highly accurate £600,000 AASM munitions.


  • brian said:

    what was he doing in Sirte? and it was reported he was hiding in a sewer! are we sure we have a the true story?

  • brian said:

    AMY GOODMAN: Now the Associated Press reports Gaddafi’s burial has been delayed ahead of an outside investigation into the circumstances of his death. The NTC had planned for Gaddafi to be buried at an undisclosed location Friday.’….just like Osama!…Amy however is not worried…would she like her father to be killed and then buried at an undisclosed location?

    thats democracynever and Inhuman Rights Watch

  • Alexandra said:

    Another excellent piece Martin. Thank you.

    As to why Muammar Gaddafi was in Sirte…

    One of my readers put it very well:

    “Gaddafi was in Sirte because it was his home and he loved it. He appealed to the United Nations to spare it and have mercy on the people. He knew Sirte would bear the full wrath of NATO’s brutality because it was the home of his ancestors.

    Where else would a great leader go if not where his people needed him most? Where better to make his last stand?”

    Shame to any who repeat NATO’s hateful propaganda that the Brother Leader hid in a drainage ditch!

    He fought with his people. He said he would never abandon them. He died with dignity. His last words asked his murderers if they understood what they were doing and did they know it violated the sacred tenets of Islam.

    A father and brother to friend and foe, to the very end.

  • Lizzie Phelan said:

    Hi brother, I couldn’t find you on facebook, good article I just wanted to ask for the link for the DEBKA report that you cite?

  • dave said:

    Gaddafi was in continuous diplomatic communication with the UK (this is universally commonplace in time of war). When Clinton arrived in Libya, the British informed Gaddafi of a diplomatic agreement that would be triggered when he left Sirte for another safe harbour. This was a simple trick, identical in nature to those that got Saddam of Iraq to first attack Kuwait, and then to withdraw his undefended forces from Kuwait, so they could be exterminated on the so-called ‘highway of death’.

    The garbage in the article above is derived from British psy-ops widely published in organs like The Guardian, and The Telegraph. Yes, SAS slaughter squads have overseen the Holocaust in Libya, but the tactic to get Gaddafi in the open was entirely ‘diplomatic’.

    The entire plan to exterminate Libya was devised and executed by Tony Blair. He gained the trust of Gaddafi, and he ensured an American and European backing for the war. Blair’s interfaith organisation was used as a cover for training and organising many of the terrorist forces used in the war.

    The timing of the release of the Israeli terrorist, for hundreds of Palestinian hostages, is no coincidence, and this also was arranged by Blair, in his direct current public capacity.

    Please understand, if information appears on the BBC, ITN, The Guardian, Independent, or The Telegraph, it is a British establishment psy-op. The BBC showed a national audience a ‘celebration’ in the Green Square of Tripoli (after the so-called fall) that actually happened in India, and ITN used fake computer game footage in a major documentary designed to demonise Gaddafi.

    Libya is just a snack, on the path to WW3. The point of Libya is not oil, or the fall of Gaddafi. The point of Libya is the manipulation of many players, large and small, that need to be persuaded to occupy the correct chess-board squares, so that the real game can start.

  • nit2am said:


    MI6, the CIA and Mossad have been trying to kill Gaddafi for decades, and they tried several times during this war. Suggesting that Gaddafi would fall for a diplomatic ploy to get him out in the open is a bit of a stretch. The man was no idiot.

    Do you have anything to back this up? Or anything to back up the claim that Blair’s ‘interfaith organisation’ was a cover for training the ‘rebels’?

  • dave said:

    PS you all should have read about the sickening NATO slaughter of an entire field hospital in Sirte. Though this is mainstream news today, the Green resistance reports detailed this atrocity many days ago, showing their general veracity. Many foreign terrorists, including members of the SAS, had been taken prisoner in Sirte. Gaddafi’s forces, unlike those of NATO, did not murder their prisoners. The diplomatic manoeuvre that got Gaddafi to leave the relative safety of Sirte involved the release of these NATO terrorists, and the safe passage of some of Gaddafi’s team (including his son) into desert territory. When Gaddafi was given proof that his son, and the others, were safe, he released the NATO terrorists, including those from the SAS, and took the last trip of his life. Blair himself had spoken to Gaddafi, and promised his safe passage (consider how much difficult diplomatic business is now conducted by satellite phone).

    The betrayal of Gaddafi is intended, partly, as a gift to Putin and the Chinese leadership. Now these two super-powers can inform their pawns of the dangers of ever trusting the ‘West’. A civilised world will not suffer a World War, and Blair knows this. Libya is a dagger into the heart of ‘rule of law’. Hitler did the same in the run up to WW2. The nations he took, before Poland, were left as sacrificial offerings by the other World powers, so those other powers could, themselves, gather up their own pawns in readiness.

  • nit2am said:


    Please can you email me – I want to ask you a couple of questions. The email address you submitted is bouncing. You can mail me at editor@empirestrikesblack.com


  • Alexandra said:

    “The diplomatic manoeuvre that got Gaddafi to leave the relative safety of Sirte involved the release of these NATO terrorists, and the safe passage of some of Gaddafi’s team (including his son) into desert territory.”

    Dave where are you getting your information? I would like exact sources cited with links because it is incorrect.

    Has is eluded you that had the Brother Leader intended to find safe sanctuary, he could have easily vanished into the desert with the Tuaregs?

    He did not choose that path. He was on the front lines where the battle was the most fierce for months.

    The full story will be known but the disinformation circulating that there were diplomatic talks taking place over right of rule, etc., were intended to confuse people and create fear that he might betray his country for the sake of safe passage out.

    There was never any possibility of diplomacy with NATO.

    How can a people negotiate away their sovereign rights and freedoms with an illegitimate occupier?

    Have you understood nothing of the wisdom and fidelity of Muammar Gaddafi or the inherent revolutionary spirit of the Libyan people, unbroken to this day?

  • Toni said:


    Sorry, but i think your WW3 theories are too farfetched.


    good article

  • Toni said:

    I would like exact sources cited with links because it is incorrect.

    I agree with you.

  • scorpio said:

    Dave seems to know what he’s talking about. this information corroborates with other reputable sources i’ve come across. the fact that it’s not public knowledge and mainstream, tells you a lot as well.

  • Toni said:


    No, sorry. in this case is Dave wrong.

  • Vee DeMarche said:

    What seems clear is that Gaddafi was drawn out of hiding with promises, white flag promises? … worthless as it turned out.

    He was worth more than a thousand Obamas, (THEY KNEW THAT) …a real leader who I would have fought along side with, with pride. He did not die in vain, his spirit will live on.

    One can smell the evil emanating from the West… can you smell it?


  • Ayelyah said:

    The NATO zionist alliance states executed Colonel Gadaffi to silence the truth of highest level corruption that he was privvy to. News now breaking on white flags seen all over Sirte from early morning the day Colonel Gaddafi was ambushed in a convoy bearing white flags of surrender. Clinton was in Libya days before was purely as a decoy for Gadaffi to believe the surrender negotiations were real.
    The International Criminal Court charges Saif al-Islam Gadaffi with crimes against humanity. HYPOCRITES. The ICC is another corrupt zionist judicial system that ignores the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by the zionist coalition states in the wars they manufacture to feed their insatiable greed for power and riches. They feed off the blood, sweat and tears of humankind.

  • Frixos said:

    If this is the case and the story is indeed true then Gaddafi either wanted to die as a martyr or he didnt really care about his life. Otherwise he wouldnt be in Sirte.

  • mehfooz ahmad said:

    he was the best African ruler.

  • L’assassinio di Muammar Gheddafi: un’operazione della NATO dalla A alla Z – SURIYA HABIBATI said:

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