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The Destruction of Libya and the Murder of Muammar Gaddafi

27 October 2011 22,772 views 22 Comments

by P. Ngigi Njoroge, 24 October, 2011.

I get terribly affected by the kind of things that are happening today, and confess to not being able to be dispassionate.

But some important facts we should keep in view if we want to remain sane and work out a saving response to European and American criminal aggression against us are the following.

Muammar Gaddafi came from an Arab tribe living in Libya. He belonged to a culture completely different from American and European culture. He therefore did not—and never pretended to—champion Western values of so-called “democracy” and “freedom”. This, however, did not prevent him from being a force for good for his people and for some other African peoples. When 42 years ago he took over power through a BLOODLESS coup—mark this: he did not have to slaughter his own people to overthrow King Idriss’s government (a lethargic government that allowed the Libyan people to live in poverty and underdevelopment—he took measures to ensure that Libya’s oil wealth was used for the benefit of the Libyan people. Over the decades he created a genuine welfare state with state-of the-art medical facilities accessible to all Libyans, with state funded educational facilities, initiated afforestation of large areas of Libya, and lifted the status of Libya to a middle-income economy. Non-Libyan black Africans flocked to Libya to seek employment. One Kenyan who was working in a Libya-based company when the Europeans started the troubles in March this year was distraught: he spoke of the high standards of living in Libya and his comfortable life, where you’d buy petrol for 10 Kenya Shillings a litre!

Gaddafi was not a modern European or American to believe arrogantly and foolishly that good governance consists only in regular elections and the limited term of a ruler. Like a Ghanaian commentator wrote the other day, Gaddafi believed he had devoted those 42 years of his rule taking care of the welfare of his people.The ridiculous thing is that Westerners believe only systems of governance developed by themselves are to be adopted. People forget that there are good alternative systems indigenously developed by others. For example, the Agikuyu practised democracy before they had the misfortune of being conquered by the white predators, and had 35-year cycles of ruling generations handing over power peacefully to another generation.

Gaddafi assisted freedom movements in other countries of Africa, notably South Africa. He armed and financed the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela when the western powers were doing normal business with the white-dominated apartheid (race-separation) regime. When Bill Clinton visited newly independent South Africa and criticized Libya under Gaddafi, Nelson Mandela rebuked him using the following words: “We cannot join you in criticizing the people who helped us in our darkest hour.”

It is an absolute shame to see the mainstream media, including the Kenyan media, join in mouthing cliches about “dictator Gaddafi”, “despot Gaddafi”, and the “tyranny” suffered under Gaddafi. The other day a local newspaper published a tasteless, highly offensive cartoon about Gaddafi. This is all due to ignorance and brainwashing by the Western Media Juggernaut. We have many Africans who are quite incapable of thinking as themselves and for themselves. You can call such people mental and spiritual slaves. These people miss one aspect of Gaddafi’s character and ideals. Gaddafi believed that the Arabs were the descendants of Black Africans and taught his people that they owed special respect to blacks. (One of his sons, Hannibal, was named after a famous black African general who used elephant-mounted soldiers to fight the Roman army around the time of Christ; Hannibal served the state of Carthage which was geographically situated in Libya.) And Gaddafi put in place a policy where black Africans were welcomed into Libya as employees and even members of the Libyan army. Gaddafi further championed the idea of the African Union, housing the Arabs of his country and the vast black population of sub-Saharan Africa. It is said that by the time he died, he had conceived the idea of an African Bank which would compete against the white-dominated World Bank.

Of course the so-called mainstream media wouldn’t appreciate such things; and neither would they be horrified by what the “revolutionaries” have been doing—including the rounding up and massacring of black people while putting others in concentration camps.

Neither are these mental slaves capable of grasping the enormous shame, horror and deceit of the campaign of the West against Gaddafi. The Great Lie is that there was a popular uprising against Gaddafi. Rather it was an armed rebellion, engineered in Paris and other western capitals, and its success guaranteed by the use of the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction by America, France and Britain. ONE THING IS CLEAR: GADDAFI HAD MASSIVE POPULAR AND LOCAL ARMED SUPPORT and would have defeated the rebels if massive missile rocket and air bombardment had not been used by the American, French and British murderers. He lasted more than six months, a man leading a country of only 6.5 million people against an alliance of countries housing close to 500 million people. To my mind Gaddafi was a lion-like figure fighting against shameless bullies, men absolutely devoid of honour: Barrack Obama, David Cameron, and Nicholas Sarkozy. These assassins have entered the pages of history for their brutal and ignominious acts.

The lesson for us self-respecting Africans? We can expect more horrors from these people who wield enormous military power. But we have a mighty weapon against them: building awareness about their intentions, crying out loudly against their grotesqueness and unfitness to claim the right to lead the world. We can call them their real names: bullies, greedy predators, robbers of other people’s resources, deceivers and tellers of great lies. And, of course, I can see the rest of the world grouping together for mutual self defence: Africa, India, Brazil and other South American countries, Russia and China. The days of these mis-rulers are numbered.

Yeah, I just said that!


  • James said:

    I noticed this article doesn’t mention Gaddafi’s megalomania, huge amount of censorship, how he orders hits on anyone who criticizes him, discrimination against Jews and homosexuals, execution of soldiers that refused to shoot protestors, or how he hired mercenaries to torture prisoners. The bias in this article is staggering.

  • nit2am said:


    You offer all of the standard hyperventilating desperate diatribes that have enabled this ‘humanitarian’ war. Please cite sources if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Tamim said:

    I agree 100% with the Author, you can say what you want about how Gadaffi did anything, but creating a million ground zero’s, flooding third and second world countries with weapons from Lock head martin and BAE systems. Then employing the private Black water army to do countries dirty work means that a revolution will happen. Its starting right now and there be will no excuse to the behaviour of Western World leaders now, or zionists who claim their pain from the second World War as an excuse. Palestinian will be restored. And china will crush any future threat to its borders.

  • RPG Protester said:

    Oh yes, who can forget that one!
    “execution of soldiers that refused to shoot protestors”

    Apparently the ‘protestors’ managed to hold a series of cities in late February already, because the authorities were executing hundrends of soldiers who refused to execute etc etc, and thus self-annihilating themselves.
    It seems according to the NTC cheerleaders and their pathetic lies, the humanitarian NATO rebels didn’t have to kill anybody themselves, the regime was pretty suicidal by nature!

  • Umar said:

    All we knw is gaddafi s only human,HS gt his good,bad n ugly side..d west NATO America killed him an majority of his pple luvd him.we knw wats up,NATO r d bad pple..

  • Umar said:

    If u dnt bliv d writer no problem,I dnt blme you, uve bn deceived n d Grandest an must magnificent deception mankind HS ever witnessed,ur a mental slave as he said.but don’t sweat it d truth MST triumph falsehood b4 d end of history jst wait an see and we r nt sayin gaddafi s a prophet ofcoz his gt a bad side bou d west,NATO are worse..

  • BP said:

    hello from central europe and thanks for writing very good article.
    do you know this site? http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.com/

  • Tony said:

    James – just about everything you just listed there are confirmed, verified, absolute lies and war propaganda. You can’t cite a single source beyond “NATO” or your puppet politicians … talk about being biased!

    There is in fact an interview with a member of one of the fake, US-funded “human rights” organizations that fed the UN such lies – admitting that all the “evidence” was fabricated in order to justify NATO intervention. We know what we’re talking about brother! Do your homework so you do too.

    Check out Libya, The Humanitarian War: There is no evidence. By Julien Tiel

  • wad said:

    I bought the lies about Ghaddafi 100%.

    I was even ready to go to Libya to help the rebels after I was done with Tahrir. I am so glad I did not.

    Ghaddafi is a HERO and a LEGEND. Libyans were living better than the average Americans do now! Libya was rising so fast and taking Africa with it. Of course they killed him. He will go down in history along side all the other great leaders once we expose the ZIONIST monstrosity ravaging planet earth.

  • Toni said:

    @P. Ngigi Njoroge

    Very good article. I agree totally with it.

  • Lorenzo said:

    America wake up !!! This is all about GREED.

    The Murder of Ghaddafi is a Huge unjust Crime.He was a Great leader. He threw out all the white powers that was stealing the wealth of Libya when he became leader. This is why they jumped on the opportunity to kill him. Listen to the comments of Lindsey Graham (Rep- SC)” Libya has oil and other wealth, theres alot of money we can make” . Ghaddafi body was still warm and these Greedy Mad Dags where plotting to steal what they have been lusting for over 42 years. But Don’t just kill Ghaddafi.. kill his Family… The great Greedy powers want to ensure the Banks, oil and gold will be free to steal. Wake UP PEOPLE !!!! It’s all about Greed.. you Don’t see anyone invading poor countries. Does Iraq ring a Bell ?? Where are the WOMD ? But Saddam Housen is DEAD and gone and so is most of the Wealth that was discovered. I’m upset with President Obama. This man embraced You and called you Brother and Son. But you continue to discrace his true image with what the white media wants us to believe. THE UNTRUTH ! If we believed what the evil Republicans and the Tea Baggers said about you.(OBAMA ) they would be hunting you down like a wild animal too. Wake UP PEOPLE !!! Who is really running this country ? The Wealthy thats who. Louis Farrakhan is telling the truth about this massacre of Ghaddafi. I’m a Baptist not a follower of his teaching’s but I can hear the truth in his words. I can also see the evil around us. and the Smell of injustice in the air. Remember the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr was at one time a threat and considered to be a communist. They Killed him but now He is celerbrated with a national holiday and a monument in WASHINGTON DC..I know that Drag Queen J Egger Hoover is crying in his grave. We all need to read the truth and know the truth when we read it and hear it its’ called education. Get some ! It was free in Libya. LOL

  • John Mendez said:

    Is it any wonder why America is Hated by so many ? I know Obama wanted to lead from behind on this man chase to distroy Ghaddafi. But we should have stayed comletly out of it. We have our own problems here. Charity begans at home. No Justice NO PEACE !

  • nazman said:

    We don’t need any proof 2 tell u that this guy is ryt, it aint bout religion or watever u myt coin it, it’s bout CAPITALISM, these pple will go 2 any length 2 protect thr capitalistic interest. Ghaddafi was a hero 2 d end, he died bravely! U go againts u they label u a terrorist or a communist, y r things working in Cuba, Venezuela & Iran & china??

  • Michael said:

    This is a true article. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to the blind and brainwashed. History reveals the truth…ask the Africans, American Indians, and so many others that trusted the EVIL WHITE MAN and lost Wealth, Land and the ultimate price their Freedom and Lives.

  • toni said:

    Let’s try to save the life of Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda:


    Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda, senior Libyan official, former UN ambassador, is currently being held and tortured by NTC members
    His life is in grave danger. Persons like Dr Dorda are important for any future prospects of peace in Libya, so now the Abdelhakim Belhaj’s Tripoli brigade are trying to kill him.
    We are urging international community, humanitarian organizations, UN and CoE to promptly demand the release and guaranties for the life of this respected man, whose human rights are grossly violated, by the ‘new democratic’ Libyan regime…….


  • Caustic Logic said:

    RPG protester, apt name and observations. Additionally, at least two early cases of self-executing Gaddafi forces have been clearly shown as rebel crimes – executing by gus 22 captured soldiers (Al Hassadi of AQ seems to have organized it) and five innocent men from Chad burned alive, called soldiers who refused.

    BP: Martin is aware of my site, and I of his. We’re even in touch a little bit.

    Martin: Excellent article/measured rant.

    Toni: Thanks for the tip on Dorda. Sounds like some high-level lobbying is already underway. Hope to see further cruelty averted, punished, etc.

    – Adam

  • Angela said:

    I saw through the lies & I am deeply ashamed of the human race because of this latest act of barbarism. I read Qaddafis works & watched all his interviews & my heart aches for him, the pain he suffered & I can only imagine how in pain he was when his innocent & precious little grandchildren were stolen from this unjust earth. May he be remembered in the years to come for all the good he did for his people & the people of Africa. I pray with all my heart for this world to change to a place of peace & love. I pray for all those people still in danger of the serpents of the west & the middle east who betrayed Libya. The Green revolution will triumph, I will fight to the death for a world of divine justice & love…..RIP Muammar, you were are hero to me.

  • Ayelyah said:

    White flags seen in Sirte from early morning the day Colonel Gaddafi was ambushed in a convoy bearing white flags of surrender. The reason Clinton was in Libya days before was purely as a decoy for Gadaffi to believe the surrender negotiations were real. They executed Colonel Gadaffi to silence the truth of highest level corruption that he was privvy to, of PM’s, Presidents, Kings, Queens etc. They played him for a fool and it has backfired on them. May Saif al-Islam find safety to tell all to the people of the world .

  • JamesIsRetarded said:

    Dissection time folks. Ahem…..

    “I noticed this article doesn’t mention Gaddafi’s megalomania,”

    When you accomplish what he had in a short amount of time then a little “megalomania” is excusable.

    “huge amount of censorship, how he orders hits on anyone who criticizes him,”

    Because of course his opposition were all goody-good boys who weren’t trying to kill him, right?

    “discrimination against Jews and homosexuals,”

    Oh, dear heavens, perish the thought, the Jews were kicked out so I don’t know what discrimination took place. As far as gays, that is just a cause that is popular right now. It may not last long so you may not want to invest too much of your ego in this trend. Oh, and, who cares?

    “execution of soldiers that refused to shoot protestors, or how he hired mercenaries to torture prisoners. The bias in this article is staggering.”

    He did not hire mercenaries, the Blacks supported Qaddafi out of appreciation. Soldiers who refuse orders get executed everywhere, even in the sterile USA. What kind of protesters have AK’s? This was a fight nitwit, in a fight, you fight.

  • Lisa said:

    I am not sure that of any other country would have been run over by rebels so brutally that they would not have done the same things as Gaddafi did. Remember the US carries out the death penalty about 50 people a year, half of the people are innocent. Even they go against their own people, see Waco Texas were religious fanatics got wiped out, plus kids.

    Anyway, what I want to say is that Gaddafi was no angel to be sure and I don’t agree with killings of people who disagree with me. Anyway, even this does not warrant a war. Remember, we are living in a never ending contraction because of the paradigm of limited growth has ended. Humanity must evolve and die and that includes the West too.
    It is hard to know what is true and what not. If Gaddafi”s system is what I read even only 80 percent and if it is true that people had food, clothe, shelter, free, medical, free, education, support in marriage, farming, car, no electricity bills and water bills and went from one of the poorest countries to a well off country with no foreign dead, then I can say perhaps many others would also have destroyed those who want to destroy such a system (although I would hope not). We saw now what happens if you let people destroy your system due to Media Lies excusing hoe they introduce war. Gaddafi appeared half crazy in the West but then again who would not be unbalanced if innocent relatives get bombed.

    See, the archetype if the evil dictator creates a lot of fear in people due to WWII and other wars (there was Napoleon, the witchhunting church)… that is wy so many people look away. Nobody takes the time, has the time to find out what is true. It is up to you to admit possible mistakes and at the same time say what is true.

    See, what we are seeing here is the collapse of human industrial civilization as we know it… See, Energy Bulletin, Oildrum, Post Carbon Institute, Collapsenet.com, ricefarmer blogspot and see for yourself what bad shape the world is in…

    Things will never return to the paradigm of infinite growth and perhaps half of humanity will die off as a result of restructuring… although the expert never say this but it may very well be true that half of humanity will die off having to deal with the clean up of all nuclear plants which there will be no resources to do so… (use logic… experts are paid by interest groups, but experts in pension tell the truth as they have nothing to loose).

    I am afraid to use the fear creating archetype of evil dictators, and weapons of mass destruction to wage ever more war… We will be sorry in the long run. Climate change is accelerating now and we really need to all help one another to survive the destruction our Western Civilization has brought and will bring to all aspects of the planet earth.

    I am so sorry about your loss… Rest assured no politician represents me. I think it is wise for humanity to disengage with their various systems and create a underground economy based on barter which bypasses all other systems. And try to not make further babies, they will not have a bright future but only suffer. Yes, do not be a consumer, do not trash up the planet further, do not let people, the forest, and animals die many eating the garbage we create. let’s become aware lets create a new human civilization based on the values of sharing and caring and love.

    Read Derrick Jensen book, “Endgame.”

  • Ayelyah said:

    MUST see youtube “Muammar Gadaffi Speaks Truth To The UN 2009 (NEW Translation)” He exposed them to their face, they signed his death warrant on that day. Gadaffi was a hero, Google this “Sixteen Things Libya Will Never See Again…” read it and weep….

  • Sam said:

    Living outside Libya, most of us will never know what the quality if life was under Ghadaffi. But the Libyan people are the rightful sovereigns who own outright the considerable oil, mineral, and water wealth of Libya, in spite of the fact that the Synagogue of Satan managed to murder Ghaddafi. The truth is Ghaddafi was implementing a plan to usurp and overthrow the false Jews who have stolen much of the world’s resources and labor through their Godless machinations (primarily through fiat money systems such as the Federal Reserve); like Lincoln, Kennedy, Andrew Jackson and others, Ghaddafi was in the process of replacing his country’s reserve currency — the US dollar — with a gold-backed currency that would not bear interest to Zionists. It is tragic that Ghaddafi was murdered in cold blood; but it will be much more tragic if the people of Libya do not group together and overthrow the useless fucktards who covet the wealth of their nation. Come on Libya! Get your act together and build your first nuclear power station! If you cannot do that, build a gun that can carry a shell large enough and heavy enough to destroy the fake Israelis and fake Jews in the Synagogue of Satan currently in Israel, and you will find that you will become truly free. Whatever you do, don’t accept defeat, and don’t believe the lies spread about your great country.

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