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Charlie Veitch is a sell-out and a coward

30 June 2011 44,978 views 22 Comments

By the Editor. Update – see also: The Charlie Veitch Situation.

I deliberated briefly on exactly what the title of this article would be. ‘British activist performs inexplicable u-turn on 9/11’? ‘Leader of ‘The Love Police’ given TV show, suddenly drops 9/11 truth’? But indeed the deliberation was brief; there’s no reason to beat around the bush. Charlie Veitch is a sell-out and a self-serving coward. Or maybe he’s just a gullible idiot of the highest order.

Veitch, who came to prominence with his activist group The Love Police, tells us that he grew up in lots of different places all over the world and had to move often – every time his father “got another job in the oil industry”. Nevertheless, he had a “very pleasant family life,” with parents who nurtured him and provided him with “unconditional love”. Veitch claims to “search for the truth” and he assures us that it “lives inside (him) somewhere“. Aside from enlightening us on his enchanting childhood, the About page over at cveitch.org spells outs his (former) opinion on 9/11:

Even my father, a conservative-hawk who watches Sky News and has old fashioned views supporting the Empire, now sees that September 11th was not as explained. I wasn’t there, and most probably you, the reader, were not there in Manhattan that day, but like the Swine Flu scare, we have no reason to trust the lies of the governments when we can see with our own eyes a building demolished and blown to pyroclastic smithereens…

But now, after starting to film his own TV show, Veitch has suddenly decided that 9/11 wasn’t an inside job. The following video chronicles his u-turn:

So, a mere 19 days after filming himself talking about how he was convinced that 9/11 was a false flag after seeing the “scientific evidence”, he does a complete 180. He tells us that he’s spoken to ‘engineers, demolition experts, aviation experts‘ and that he’s been ‘exploring the kinetic energy of Boeing 767s slamming into buildings‘. His unnamed experts have apparently explained to him how these planes can be “controlled very easily at any altitude” (why do we even bother training pilots?). Veitch now thinks that this ‘kinetic energy release’ is to blame for the World Trade Center being reduced to dust in seconds. I won’t waste any time on this illogical, birdbrained argument; over 1,500 verified architectural and engineering professionals have already constructed a cogent explanation of how and why the (three) buildings came down. Veitch’s moronic argument doesn’t account for the molten steel. It doesn’t account for the innumerable accounts of explosions occurring before and during the collapses, and even before the impact of the planes. I could go on all night.

Maybe Veitch is tired of living off of Daddy’s money and wants his TV show to work out. One thing is for sure: he wouldn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of getting it off the ground without abandoning any link to 9/11 truth first.

Coward? Without a doubt. The only question that remains is whether this moron is a paid shill, or whether he’s selling out the truth for his shot at ‘success’. Or perhaps he’s simply as dumb as he looks.

Bonus: watch below for a short clip of that ‘Boeing kinetic energy‘ in action. Except that this building wasn’t graced by a Boeing. But that’s not important. It’s kinetic innit.

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  • Aaron said:

    where can i learn about this tv show he’s been offered?

  • Lyndsey Peel said:

    ‘bbc conspiracy road trip’ in google

  • Smccallum said:

    Charlie has obviously not been supported by those that he loves. He has been betrayed, threatened and left to die by those who love him.

  • Smccallum said:

    Yea, we must pick up our brother’s cross and carry it on from here.

  • Smccallum said:

    We love you Charlie and we got ur back, brother.

  • A Artist40 said:

    Maybe he was threatened to recant?

  • E76 said:

    The must have threatened his family.

  • Newsblok.com said:

    I wasn’t aware of any TV show, that brings a new angle to the story. Didn’t realize how “famous” Charlie was, seen this news on several sites now. Does make me wonder now if he’s really such a truther or if he has sold out. I must admit that if I was him and someone came to me saying “we’ll give you a few million to play around with, you and your family will be taken care of and you will want for nothing” – it would sure be very hard to turn down, regardless of how much I would want to. If TPTB really wanted him on board, then I’m sure throwing a chunk of money at him would be pretty easy to do. Either that, or simply threaten his family…

  • DaftAida said:

    1. He was set up to gather a following in the hope that others would be inspired to parade about the city streets with megaphones and in so doing, could be incited to greater antagonistic heights and perhaps he hoped he would gain a ‘ron paul’ bank roll from subscribers (and do much the same with it). It didn’t work out but by then he’d established his portfolio in great presentation skills and became a saleable item on mainstream.
    2. He was ‘getting out of hand’ and turning his ‘love police’ message into ‘sod the bastards’ message; he was taken in for a dose of reprogramming (i.e. terrified half to death and hypnotised to betray his truths). His arrest in Canada and UK would confirm this opportunity.
    3. He is an NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) aka sociopath and doesn’t give a monkey’s for any issue other than his own.
    Somewhere in there, lies the likely truth. I didn’t know his daddy was an oil man; speaks volumes or that he was uprooted constantly, unable to develop bonding. Such a lifestyle would encourage a ‘disposable people’ attitude, perhaps disposable values, too.

    In any event, he is serving the System’s psychopolitical purposes in ridiculing and degrading any dissent to the official line; people hearing Charlie broadcast his epiphany will get the impression that all ‘truthers’ are paranoid conspiracy nuts (perfect propaganda) who are as flaky and shaky in their convictions as he is. Anyone (even the strongest) can be broken within 70 days and with today’s techniques, a lot sooner than that, so I cannot judge too harshly in case that’s the cause of his betrayal.

  • mark cooper said:

    It’s very telling & inexcusable how he portrays 9/11 truth as a ‘church’ that is based in ‘dogma’ & who’s followers are mostly ‘haters’ who have made ‘death threats’ against him.
    So not only has he changed his mind, but he reinforces tired media stereotypes about irrational, paranoid ‘truthers’ vs rational, scientific evidence like the NIST report?
    This is a thinly veiled attack on 9/11 truth credibility & rather than a miraculous conversion.
    What evidence? Which experts? Websites? References?
    His ‘evidence’ is never spoken about in anything more than the vaguest of terms & where are his video interviews of these ‘experts’?
    He is clearly lying.
    Why he’s lying, only he knows, but he is & his 1st grade 9/11 debunker arguments are facile.
    Kinetic energy don’t you know?
    He speaks with absolute certainty but when asked to justify his opinion reverts to ‘I’m not an expert’
    Charlie, it profits a man nothing to sell his soul for the whole world, but for a TV show?
    Love to all who have trusted this man & been hurt by his actions & words.
    Truth is stronger than lies. & liars.

  • AwakenedAussie said:

    He was brought on to the BBC for some 911 Documentary, wasn’t he? So what they must have done was bully him and threatened him into believing the crap he does now, because hey, why get on an architect or engineer on to discuss it (and there are over 3000 of them from memory) who can actually back up what they say with scientific facts, when you can just get on someone who isn’t professionally viable on the subject.

    It was a whore move on the BBC’s part (that’s if memory serves me right).

  • Fufu said:

    I am shocked at the speed at which so many people have rushed to virtually stone this man. It’s obvious something isn’t right and yet there is so much judgement and emotional reaction to his actions. He needs our love and compassion not our judgement or the casting of aspersions on his character. He is not a leader just a man and therefore flawed as all humans are. Look to yourselves for the truth not someone else.

  • Guest said:

    It is ok for him to change his mind. Who cares what he thinks anyway? But, and here’s the big BUT, when he starts ridiculing others who think as he once thought and starts taking pot shots, then he’s only asking for a stoning.

  • Laughing Goose said:

    Charlie’s schooling took place at Edinburgh Academy, current day fees £10,080 ($16,235) per year.

    His office job at HBSO was as a wealth manager, work with High Net Worth Individuals, people’s whose wealth, not including their home, exceeds $1 million. Wealth managers services usually include advice on tax avoidance

    “The Vietch Historical Society, one of the country’s (US) foremost family history/genealogical organizations.”

    “Burke’s Peerage, Ltd. lists Sheriff James Veitch, the immigrant, as a son of Malcolm Veitch, son of John “Vaitche,” Laird (Lord) of Dawyck, Peebleshire,[Scotland} by his wife Janet Stewart, “an aunt of the first Earl of Traquair.”

    “The name of James Veitch appears also on a short list of American colonists of proven royal descent appearing in an article by Walter Lee Shepard, “Descendants of the illegitimate Sons & Daughters of the Kings of Britain,” in The National Genealogical Society Quarterly (vol. 62, pp. 182-91), and his royal lineage also was confirmed in 1981 by the President of the Society of Descendants from the Illegitimate Sons & Daughters of the Kings of Britain.”

    “The linages of Sheriff James Veitch’s grandmother Janet (Stewart) Veitch and great-grandmother Marriot (Fleming) Veitch trace back to most of the early royal houses of Europe and Great Britain and would fill a thick book alone.”

    “Marriot Fleming Veitch is traced from the Emperor Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Hugh Capet, and Alfred the Great, to name a few, while her daughter-in-law Janet Stewart Veitch descended from all these in addition to the royal house of Stewart.”




  • Guest said:

    Well said!

    I’m glad you pointed out the conflict of interest because in his video confession Charlie didn’t mention anything about his new job.

  • Joebrown said:

    “Mr Veitch was educated at The Edinburgh Academy and is the son of a wealthy oil worker. He claims to have been employed for HBOS in wealth management after attending Edinburgh University. He has also said he served in the Army. He says he was made redundant during the financial crisis and then decided to become a full-time protester and film-maker.” – http://www.thisislondon.co​.uk/standard/article-23936​504-former-bank-worker-who​-helped-to-bring-chaos-to-​streets-of-london.do

  • new illuminati said:

    Poor bastard. He said that after 3 days in New York with the team the idea that the ludicrous 9/11 cover story was real just ‘popped into’ his head. The same thing happens to foreign prime ministers and presidents who visit the pentagon – they come away with fundamentally altered views. Charlie needs radical healing. He’s been brainwashed and dried.

  • iTFR4V3S said:

    i think its disgusting how everyone has jumped on the band wagon on this matter. people need to sort there heads out. stop sheeping to 1 person. he is not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy!


  • Tony Butler said:

    Kinetic energy, is awesome, but apparently not as powerful as the motivation to make a career, by performing an about face.

    As someone, who a mere six months ago, believed all conspiracy theorists were lunatics, and so decided to study the evidence in order to prove it, the awakening was humiliating.

    There is a Committee of 300, attempting to create a world dictatorship, and mass genocide is one of its stated aims. The BIG Lie, destruction of the family unit. freedom of speech, drowning each of us in debt, while abolishing our cultures and traditions, is taking place.

    When the Courts refuse to allow dissenters the lawful right to pursue justice, the Courts become the criminals, and law without justice, a whore, the mistress of the highest bidder.

  • jimmy said:

    Charlie is just a pothead slut, and a shill.

  • susan said:

    anyone who watched the you tube video of him at Secret Garden 2011 verbally abusing the general crowd will have seen his dark side.

  • dazz said:

    charlie veitch is nothing but scum!! a sell out and a vile excuse for a human being!!

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