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Libya ‘rape’ propaganda plunges to new depths of desperation

17 June 2011 13,760 views 17 Comments

by Martin Iqbal.

Hat tip to Scott Creighton – his recent article ‘CNN’s Misogynistic Cell Phone Porn Propaganda‘, brought this to my attention.

The Libya war propaganda drive has plunged to new depths of cynicism, depravity, and a downright embarrassing lack of credibility.

Over a week after the ICC’s completely baseless claims of ‘rape being used as a weapon’ by Gaddafi’s forces, today CNN is running a propaganda set-piece that is so blatantly invented it makes one cringe with embarrassment for this rabble of liars and propagandists.

CNN claims that rebel forces have found mobile phone footage on ‘Gaddafi loyalists’, which allegedly shows them ‘raping women and torturing people’. Lo and behold, the story completely falls apart upon the most cursory inspection.

CNN plainly admits that they “cannot confirm when or where the video was shot“. To make matters worse for the propagandists behind this nonsense, there is no date to the video, and the men in the video are not even wearing Libyan Army clothing – they are dressed in civilian attire. But it gets better.

Their story revolves completely around this unverifiable mobile phone footage, and the testimony of NATO’s proxy ‘rebels’. On top of this CNN doesn’t reveal who their source is, and instead they parrot baseless claims from rebel spokespeople:

“We were able to confirm that rape was used as a weapon of war because it was systematic.”
~ Rebel spokesman Abdullah al-Kabeir

Without performing even the most basic journalistic duty of providing evidence, CNN simply forwards this completely unfounded claim from a rebel spokesperson.

According to CNN, Al-Kabeir also tells us:

The rebels have many videos showing other types of torture, and a few depict rape, he said. He did not know exactly how many videos there were showing abuse.

But his next admission really exposes this utter fabrication for what it is (emphasis added):

“There was a commander here at the eastern front in Misrata named Mohamed al-Halboos; he ordered all the (rebel) fighters to give him all the rape videos they find on Gadhafi soldiers’ cell phones. I heard that he used to destroy every rape video he got,

We are supposed to believe that Gaddafi’s forces are ‘systematically’ raping women in Libya, but all of the evidence has been destroyed.

It’s not just CNN that’s partaking in this onslaught of propaganda. Today, Time is running some similar ‘just trust us’ journalism. See the following report regarding doctors working in Benghazi (emphasis added):

They talk for hours about the rape of women. But it’s only stories. They have never met a victim.The medics don’t deny that others in the hospital may have treated rape victims. But they say the stigma of sexual assault runs so deep in Libyan culture that the raped are virtually forced into social exile, unable to wed, a humiliation to their entire family, choosing to remain silent rather than to give voice to the crime they have suffered.

That the likes of CNN and Time even expect anybody to believe this farcical nonsense demonstrates the contempt in which they hold their audience. The sheer laziness of this propaganda reflects how desperate NATO now is, spectacularly failing to achieve its objective of regime change using the ‘humanitarian intervention’ myth.


  • Howard T. Lewis III said:

    The depths of depravity that this administration openly exhibits took years in the making, and the democratic party are to be congratulated by the satanists for their bad taste. I used to work full time for the democrats in Seattle a long time ago. When the neocon guys were working for Sen. Henry Jackson-D and patronizing the satanic church up on Queen Anne hill trolling for minors. They were in training for bigger and better things with the Bush Administrations and satanist General Michael Aquino, who ran psychological warfare for George W. Bush’s military on 9-11.
    I’m no saint. I have strayed and done it on purpose many times. But I draw the line miles before these pieces of shit do.

  • Howard T. Lewis III said:

    The depths of depravity that this administration openly exhibits took years in the making, and the democratic party are to be congratulated by the satanists for their bad taste. I used to work full time for the democrats in Seattle a long time ago. When the neocon guys were working for Sen. Henry Jackson-D and patronizing the satanic church up on Queen Anne hill trolling for minors. They were in training for bigger and better things with the Bush Administrations and satanist General Michael Aquino, who ran psychological warfare for George W. Bush’s military on 9-11.
    I’m no saint. I have strayed and done it on purpose many times. But I draw the line miles before these pieces of…do.

  • Libya S.O.S. said:

    Informational website Infowars.com, owned the famous American TV presenter Alex Jones received disturbing reports from military personnel on the basis of Ft. Hood in Texas, confirming the presence of U.S. plans to begin full-scale ground operation in Libya. Presumably the invasion to begin in October this year, after the deployment of troops in the region.
    The source said that more special forces will go to Libya in July, and the first division Calvary (heavy machinery) and the 3rd Corps rapid deployment of land in late October – early November. Initial troop level is estimated at 12 thousand soldiers and 15 thousand employees of logistics, that is, a total of nearly 30 thousand troops.
    This information is confirmed by numerous phone calls and emails from other soldiers, some of whom argue that the troop deployment will begin in September. According to these sources the operation will be supported by the British SAS. Also, there is evidence that the U.S. military assault of sabotage and reconnaissance units are already in Libya. Messages vary in detail, but in general the overall picture is pretty clear: as Qaddafi continues to shy away from trying to remove him from power, the fall will be a full-scale war.
    A informant, identified in reports as a “specialist H” morgue worker at U.S. Central Command, said that Americans already have a loss in Libya. He said that at least two soldiers and three civilians were killed by gunshot wounds, as reported by the media yet.
    The fact that Libya is preparing a full-scale war, the fifth, in addition to four already ongoing at the same time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, “Alex Canal” also told the geo-political analyst Webster Tarpley doctor. The desire to spin as much as possible the spread of regional conflicts could well trigger World War III, which will also cover Syria, Lebanon, Iran and even Saudi Arabia, said Tarpley.
    Meanwhile, Obama refuses to report to Congress regarding the continuation of hostilities after the allowed 60-day period, “the president of law.” First he promised to finish all in a matter of days, and now calls the events “Kinetic” and not war. In this case it is justified by the fact that is subject to a UN mandate.
    And on Saturday, June 18, it became known that Obama has decided to continue military operations in Libya, even if he fails to get Congressional approval, and despite the fact that the Pentagon lawyers and advisers were opposed to this plan.

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  • anomonus said:

    its an excuse because the west was frightened of the new currency gaddifi was creating which was backed by gold and he would eventually only accept gold as payment for oil which the west cant afford lets take a look at what happened in sri lanka for comparison as that was a civil war too which did not end till recently. sri lanka which dont have much to offer only gems and tea had been at war for a long time but towards the end it was getting messier a huge amount of war crimes happened lots of rape and HUGE amounts of killing civilians the sri lankan gov created safe zones for the tamel civilians which was later bombed heavily buy the sri lankan gov on purpose this can not be disputed as the the safe zones where very large! which included the bombing of hospitals and civilian refugee camps which are both illegal acts under international law! did the west step in then NO!

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  • Onion said:

    This nation has consistently along with the British Empir gone along quite well at putting down any forward progress of Black People anywhoer on this planet.
    Look clearly at the travesty in Haiti.
    How much money was given to them in that fiasco.
    Hatians are suffering under strict imperialist rule at this very monent as the American Facist Government goes into Libya, another Black African nation and asserts complete control over their personal and private affairs. Not just of the Government but the entire population and its people.
    All of this wealth is automaticall and systematicall taken over and distributed to people who think we are scum and fools.
    They take what they want and laugh all the way to the bank.
    Oh well Everybody can just get ready for the next big circus, (election) to come to town. If we get that far.
    Black people need to get their heads out their A$$E$ and throw the zionist scum suckers out of their communities all over America.
    How you gonna tell them their masters have them covered on all of the fronts even the ones they think are for black liberation.
    Society as a whole is screw and screwed up.
    Communities must show respect for each other because the rabbit hole is much deeper than anyone has had the courage to venture into as of yet .
    We all know there is something that must be corrected and we know exactly what that something is.
    Do we have the courage to give up everything in order for this other equation to balance itself out or not is what all the fuss is over isn’t it.
    Round and round they go. (who is they)
    or maybe a better term is humpty dympty fell off of the wall.
    Most people would not get involved and let things be solved by Jesus.

  • guest said:

    libya is not a black african nation please. it is arab. don’t insult native africans please (real african-black people). libyans are racist to native african like every arab person.

  • Nalliah Thayabharan said:

    The past history of American wars tells us that, when the war-going begins to get tough, the professional p.r. campaigns get going, often with wholly invented stories. For example, when in 1990 Defense Secretary Colin Powell was expressing doubts that the United States should attack Kuwait, stories appeared that, as revealed by classified satellite photos, Saddam had amassed 265,000 troops and 1500 tanks at the edge of the Saudi Arabian border. Powell then changed his mind, and the attack proceeded. But after the invasion a reporter from the St. Petersburg Times viewed satellite photos from a commercial satellite, and “she saw no sign of a quarter of a million troops or their tanks.”
    Hawks in Congress, notably Tom Lantos and Stephen Solarz, secured support for the attack on Iraq with a story from a 15-year-old girl, that she had seen Kuwaiti infants snatched from their incubators by Iraqi soldiers. The story was discredited when it was learned that the girl, the daughter of the Saudi ambassador in Washington, might not have visited the hospital at all. She had been prepped on her story by the p.r. firm Hill & Knowlton, which had a contract for $11.5 million from the Kuwaiti government.
    The history of American foreign interventions is littered with such false stories, from the “Remember the Maine” campaign of the Hearst press in 1898, to the false stories of a North Vietnamese attack on U.S. destroyers in the so-called Second Tonkin Gulf incident of August 4, 1964. We know furthermore that in their Operation Northwoods documents, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 proposed a series of ways, some of them lethal, to deceive the American people in order to engineer a war against Cuba.
    Since the fiasco of the false Iraqi stories in 1990-91, these stories have tended to be floated by foreign sources, usually European. This was conspicuously the case with the forged yellowcake documents from Italy underlying Bush’s misleading reference to Iraq in his 2003 State of the Union address. But it was true also of the false stories linking Saddam Hussein to the celebrated anthrax letters of 2001. (Their anthrax was later determined to have come from a U.S. biowarfare laboratory.)
    This recurring history of falsified stories to justify interventions should be on our minds as we now face the allegations that Gaddafi has been using rape as a method to fight insurrection, and may have been guilty of raping victims himself. This reminds us of the sorry record of the U.S. mainstream media in circulating past false stories to justify war. It is painful to say this, but virtually every major U.S. military intervention since Korea has been accompanied by false stories.

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  • PoshBirdGabi said:

    That bit of rape propaganda was clearly identified as a Libyan porn movie. Thierry on Voltaire clarified this, and specifically said that because Libyan porn is rare, everyone was very quickly able to identify the so-called “rape” footage as a well-known movie. All that can be said to the crazy crusaders is: BUSTED!

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