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Dare I say its name?

18 September 2011 11,067 views One Comment

by Nahida, September 12, 2011.

The term White Supremacism defines the likes of KKK, of racists, neo-nazis etc, and projects a notion of wickedness and evil .

Wherever suitable, the term is used freely and without hesitation, generally by the Left, including the anti-Zionist Jewish Left. No one thinks twice before accurately using the term to portray anyone who claims that so called “White” people are superior to “people of colour”.

In some instances, the term is used in association with those who express concerns that the cultural identity of their society might be threatened by immigration. In other instances, the term “White supremacist” is used against historians and researchers who raise uncomfortable questions about official historical narratives enforced by the establishment.

The Ku Klux Klan has been described as a Christian, as well as a white, supremacist group. So are many white supremacist groups in the United States today. George W. Bush’s support for fundamentalist Christianity has been linked to his having a “Christian supremacist vision” in his policies in the Middle East.

The racist delusion of “White supremacy”, is a reality involving generally unsavory individuals, overall a small fringe groups of white people. The term does NOT imply that all, or that most whites are supremacists.

The use of the term “White supremacists” in relation with precisely such people, is perfectly legitimate and legal, anyone can utter it when suitable without having to fear censorship, slander or smear. It seems pretty elementary that whomever uses the term to define people holding such “white supremacist” opinions, does by no means imply to be anti-whites or white-hater.

Under no circumstances would be Non-white people forbidden to criticise or discuss the problem of White-supremacism.

I never came across of a non-racist white person who would claim that the issue of “white-supremacy” is a “White-Only” issue, implying that only white people have the right to discuss, to examine or to expose “White-Supremacists”. In fact the contrary is true, all non-racists are always encouraged to publicly discuss, oppose, and demonstrate against “White Supremacy”, even within the main stream media.

The parallel between “White-Supremacy” and “Jewish Supremacy” is inevitable, both holding the same antiquated tenet of superiority of one ethnic and/or religious group over another, irrespective of the moral depravity of these claims and that science having debunked such racist proclamations as being pure bogus nonsense.

However, comparing the two reveals something that should be evident to anyone interested in humanity, society, progress, ethics, news, politics and affairs of state.

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  • Belfascist said:

    Dare I speak about Race?
    There is nothing supremist about White folk wanting to live. There is nothing supremist about us wanting to preserve our own culture, our ancestral homelands, our unique heritage. There is nothing supremist about wanting to secure a future for our White children. There is nothing supremist or ‘racist’ about preferring to live and associate with people from our own community, our tribe and our own unique race. I would never deny this to Palestinians or any other folk, and I take great offence to anyone denying it to me.
    Both ‘racist’ and ‘white supremist’ are terms invented and propagated by evil jews. They do this because of their hatred for all other races and their desire to see a mongrelized humanity with no roots and no unique culture to draw upon. They particularly want to destroy the Indo-European race because of our intelligence, our creativity and our lethal warrior abilities.
    It is in the interests for all races to live and propagate among themselves. For the most part we all prefer to live among our own kinfolk. We are all innately ‘racist’. Whether you like it or not this is how Nature works. If Nature did not seek to separate, to sub-divide and specialize there would not be unique races in the first place. In fact, there would be no races, no species, no sub species, no evolution, no bio diversity at all.
    The jews know this perfectly well. The jews are responsible for creating and propagating complete and outright lies about race, gender and human evolution. The Frankfut School of cultural marxism has succeeded it warping the minds of most in the Western World, sadly including the author of this article.
    “….both holding the same antiquated tenet of superiority of one ethnic and/or religious group over another, irrespective of the moral depravity of these claims and that science having debunked such racist proclamations as being pure bogus nonsense.”
    This statement by the author, for example, is evil and deluded jew speak. This is the kind of nonsense that causes problems for humanity, particularly my race, the White race.
    Whether the author likes it or not, there are definite intelligence, behavioral and physical differences between the races that are determined by genetic evolution alone, and not environmental variables. It is the genetics of the jew that causes his evil psychotic behavior, and not environmental factors. It is genes that make the White race far more intelligent and supremely more inventive than the sub Saharan African. Only bogus jew science attempts to debunk these facts and impose the fraud of ‘racial equality’. Here are the facts, and a credible theory of racial differences: RACE, EVOLUTION,
    AND BEHAVIOR by Professor J. Philippe Rushton http://psychology.uwo.ca/faculty/rushtonpdfs/race_evolution_behavior.pdf
    It would be in the author’s best interests to digest this invaluable piece of research and also to explore the field of Human Bio Diversity further.
    It is only when the various races understand who we really are, who we are not, what are strengths are, and what are weaknesses are, that we can unite when we need to, and disassociate when we need to for the purpose of solving the global jewish problem once and for all. When we do this, there is room on this planet for all of us to succeed or fail, fulfill our racial destiny as Nature intends. I am quite confident that without the anti-human jew in control of our govts, our media, our economies, our minds, we can get on quite well! We can free Palestine, and we can free ourselves from ZOG. But please don’t push these evil jew notions of racial equality, or ‘anti-racism’.
    It’s like pretending that polar bears and koala bears are equal and entitled to the same privileges. Just like there is no equality in nature there is no equality between the races or sexes. We are unique, we are specialized as the laws of Nature dictates us to be. Koala bears are not entitled to seal meat because they can’t catch seals. Polar bears are not entitled to eucalyptus leaves because they can’t climb trees. The same rules of Nature apply to us humans to. If sub Sahara Africans have an avg. IQ of 85 no amount of special treatment is going to make them as smart as the Japanese or as inventive as the Europeans. This is life, this is reality, get over the jew lies about race because in the end lies will destroy us all.

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