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British media use ‘puppy dog’ imagery to sell genocidal attack on Libya

8 November 2011 33,773 views 7 Comments

By the Editor.

Warning: this article contains graphic imagery of a very distressing nature.

After devastating Libya and partaking in the murder of an estimated 100,000 Libyan men, women and children, RAF pilots return home to their families in the UK. In a deeply obscene news update, the Daily Mail is literally using ‘puppy dog’ imagery to cynically whitewash the murderous war crimes that these British pilots have committed.

The article of November 1st, titled: ‘Overjoyed spaniel welcomes home her master as Libya Tornado crews return‘, contains heartwarming photos of an RAF pilot’s spaniel dog(1) being reunited with her master. The “touching scenes” include another RAF pilot’s three year-old son “looking on proudly“, dressed in his miniature RAF uniform.

In the report, RAF Wing Commander Andy Turk repeats the ‘no boots’ lie, “Because there were no British troops, it was very important that the RAF maintained our intelligence and surveillance“. This is one of the most notorious myths of the Libya war; not mentioned in the piece is the well-known fact that British SAS troops have been on the ground(2) in Libya, leading the ground war ever since February.(3)

What is perhaps even more sickening than this grotesque display of ‘puppy dog’ jingoism is the comments posted by Daily Mail readers. Comments included “Fantastic job done again guys and lovely pictures. Welcome home and well done,” and “My son worked round the clock at RAF Lossiemouth to keep those GR4 Tornadoes flying to Lybia, via Italy. Proud of you, son“. One reader even felt the need to voice how uplifting the story was: “Best story I’ve read all week. All the pics are great but the spaniel’s unbridled joy at seeing her loved one return is especially uplifting“.

This contemptuous piece of ‘journalism’ serves as a reminder of how emotion and opinion has been manipulated over the Libya war. Here, the utter criminality of NATO’s genocidal onslaught has been whitewashed by the heartwarming imagery of a pining puppy dog. These are heights of manipulation that this writer previously thought unreachable, even by the most cynically depraved minds.

One has to wonder how the British public would react if the fruits of these pilots’ labours were published instead of this sentimental hogwash.

What would the world think if NATO’s deliberate terror-bombing of the Libyan people’s national water supply(4) was common knowledge?

Perhaps the British people should know about the RAF raid launched on Zlitan in August,(5) which killed 85 civilians including children. This raid was carried out by No. 9 Squadron RAF, based at RAF Marham. This is the very same squadron that is featured returning home, to RAF Marham, in The Daily Mail’s ‘puppy dog’ piece. The pilots pictured are very likely directly responsible for the deaths of those innocents.

Perhaps the British media could print the story of Libyan man Khaled K. El-Hamedi,(6) whose entire family was murdered by NATO including his pregnant wife Sala, his 3 year-old son Khweldi, his 4 year-old daughter Khalida, his son Salam who was 1 year old, and 13 other family members and friends who were staying overnight at their home following the celebration of their son’s third birthday.

Maybe the people of the UK and the world should know that NATO has practically levelled Sirte to the ground. Through the employment of ‘Fallujah tactics’(7) and the indiscriminate bombing and firing this involves, the city has been terrorised and brutalised in unimaginable proportions.

The fruits of NATO’s labours in Sirte and wider Libya are at once horrifying, nightmarish, and heartbreaking. In Sirte, medical staff have been overwhelmed as the bodies of innocent civilians including young children(8) have poured into Ibn Sina Hospital.

How would Daily Mail readers react to seeing the following young girls in the same hospital in Sirte, languishing in unimaginable pain and terror after being maimed in a NATO bombing raid? One of the young children has had her lower jaw ripped away, while the girl next to her lays still, catatonic, after having her legs mangled by NATO ordnance.

Fantastic job, guys. Welcome home and well done.

Needless to say, it is easy to imagine precisely how the British public would react if presented with the realities of the Libya war. British citizens would oppose the war with unmitigated disgust and outrage, instead of the tacit support that has characterised mainstream opinion – manipulated by the sort of poisonous propaganda peddled by the likes of The Daily Mail.


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  • brian said:

    even more: what if the german pilots returning form their Blitz runs appeared in the german media with their puppy dogs, and the german public crying for joy

  • Lisa said:

    Read the book “End Game” by Derrick Jensen. Our civilization is the problem. Libya could have lived sustainable. I am so sorry about the people… They are innocent and so is the dog. We can see clearly that human beings can be the worst monsters and still can be nice at other times. Nothing is black and white ever. Still this will not bring the life of innocent civilians back… No wonder all these soldiers get PTS.
    They can’t be with themselves for what they have done will longer till the end of times. The collective memory of crimies are stored somewhere.

  • Alhamask said:

    Martin, did this sinister war cause any damage to the Chinese influence in Africa? Also, who exactly ordered the attack on Libya?

  • noor al haqiqa said:

    Hi Martin. I am posting this piece in my blog, Hope you are ok with that.

    American media does this sort of thing allllll the time. I live in a Canadian naval base town, the thing is actually just a few hundred feet from my home. When the ships come back, the media is overwhelmed with cute toddlers, newborns, families reunited, puppy dogs with wagging tails, yada yada yada.

    All the public hears is they are back from “a mission in so and so and been away for X number of months” as if to deny importance on “the mission” and focus on the months of family separation and all that nifty emotional stuff. Of course, like the puppy above, these children and families are being exploited to hell and back but no one questions it.

    “Feel good” journalism at its schmuckiest.

    It keeps them focused, the public I mean, on the local, not the international ramifications of that mission. NEVER of course in the Zionist operated Canadian media is much if anything heard of the victims of said mission. It is up to us independents to expose expose expose and pray eventually that the word gets out.

    The posting just prior to this one of yours that I did last night is on Libya and all the good Qaddafi did for the women of Libya. However, then I post the images from a Chinese paper of what was done to some of his “Amazon virgin” guard.

    Yanno, if people read the Green Book they might learn something about the “villain” known as Qaddafi. The jamahirayah (I never spell that right) is a worthy movement to support as it has supported so many others in the past.

    I see the amount of villification of Qaddafi to be in direct proportion to how much good he also did and just how terrified they were of him and his motives ~ and his true self.

    The British should see those images of the broken guard girls to learn what these creatures do to any who worked with the Colonel. Smile, I never put warnings regarding imagery in my pieces. The photos are a major part of the impact I wish to make although once in an article on cannibalism I posted the images on a separate page because they truly were upsetting and, once seen, you cannot undo it.

    Keep up the gooood work. I enjoyed listening to you with Mark and Jonathan on The Ugly Truth btw. Hope there is more of you there in the future!

  • jan said:

    Hitler too loves his dog to !

  • dave said:

    I don’t understand this article (the one above, not the standard war propaganda story in the DM). It seems to parrot Chomsky like distraction concepts, to ensure the sheep don’t think about issues of real significance.

    First, let’s dismiss the ‘puppy dog’ nonsense. All nations involved in war (whether evil, or ‘good’) use this basic form of manipulation, for obvious reasons. “We” are the ‘good guys’, “they” are the ‘bad guys’. To the idiot that made the first comment, of course the Nazis used the same tactic- why on Earth would they not. And by the way, it was the Allies that engaged in wholesale extermination of cities, NOT the Axis. Indeed, it is a matter of historic record that Churchill himself goaded the Germans into bombing British cities, by ordering his forces to bomb civilian areas of German cities first. His ‘excuse’ apparently is that he wanted to distract German airpower away from British air-fields, but that wasn’t the real reason.

    The real story here is that the UK was at the centre of the whole Libya enterprise, as was the case with the so-called ‘Kosovo’ war years earlier. Tony Blair set Gaddafi up by arranging full diplomatic contact with Libya, and having Libya make multi-billion dollar reparation for crimes Libya never committed. Gaddafi thought these legal settlements secured the long term security of his nation (well you would, wouldn’t you). Blair had every major world leader shake his hand or give him a big hug. You know, like you’ve all seen in those Mafia films, just before the boss gets ‘rubbed out’.

    Now, by ‘at the centre’, I mean that the UK visibly lead the propaganda campaign to demonise Libya at every level. It is not commonly known that Al Jazeera, operating out of the British territory of Qatar, is MI6. Al Jazeera was created by the BBC World Service, using the usual trick. Zionist media outlets (whose reports are repeated by people like Martin as fact) announced that cuts at the BBC meant the BBC World Service had to reduce operations. Under this disguise, various units of the World Service were repackaged, and presented as independent news sources. The most famous was the Arabic division becoming Al Jazeera. In reality, the BBC NEVER has ‘cuts’. Its budget has always grown year-on-year. It is merely the direction in which its money is spent that sometimes changes.

    In the early days, Blair encouraged the USA to attack Al Jazeera (with words AND bombs) whenever possible, so that people like Martin would learn to trust its reports. It was an asset awaiting its time- an asset to be honed to a point of propaganda perfection infinitely greater than the worthless patriotic propaganda broadcasts of the World Service, and the equivalent from Russia, America, China and other major nations. In other words, Al Jazeera was crafted to be the Arabic equivalent of the BBC- a propaganda arm of the state that most moron sheep swear is independent.

    Propaganda and state censorship, is a very interesting topic. In weak, rigid dictatorships, mocking your masters in any way is a terrible crime, often fatal. In the strongest dictatorships (like the UK or USA), it is the state itself who actually crafts the most vicious satire that mocks the leaders of the state. Why? Because the real winners want only power, and if this power multiplies by having the sheep laugh at them, all the better. Laughter defuses tension. Laughter replaces action. The rise to supreme power by the British empire, for example, went hand in hand with the nastiest political satire in mainstream organs. Meanwhile, the enemies of the British would lob the heads of anyone who dared to say anything critical of their masters.

    Next time you choose to watch a TV show in Europe or Britain or the USA that mocks your masters, remember that in reality, it is YOU that is being laughed at. That show is made by your masters to psychologically control you, and weaken your will. Bread and circuses for the moronic mob- and you are that mob.

    When looking at the press, what matters is NOT what is the same (like this dog story). What matters is what is different. Only a fool would decide that Iran is not in the cross-hairs. Only a fool would think that Iran was not always on the ‘todo’ list. Only a fool would say “they haven’t attacked Iran yet, so they obviously won’t”. Only a fool would say the move to attack Iran is led by Israel (actually, the clearest nation at risk from the fallout of such action is Israel).

    PNAC described the future, just like Mein Kampf. Evil people do declare their intentions well ahead of time. Americans that count are told their ultimate target is China. Iran is less significant than Poland was to Hitler, but a near certain stepping-stone all the same. The USA is a very sick nation- a natural bully and abuser. Therefore, the real leaders of this move to Global War need to play on this personality trait. Libya got smashed, because of previous animosity between the USA and Gadaffi. Iran ranks as enemy no1 because of this same thinking.

    Blair wants the first overt use of nuclear weapons since WW2 (nuclear weapons have been used in battle by the USA and Russia on numerous occasions since WW2, but always covertly). Blair threatened Nuclear strikes against Iraq during his invasion, if the Iraqi armed forces ever dared use tactics within their own nation to gain the upper hand in battle. Of course, he followed through, exterminating Saddam’s main force with neutron bombs, as hopefully most of you are aware.

    But, the use of atomic weapons could not be trumpeted to the majority of the sheep at the time. The time was not right, and the excuse for exterminating Iraq was the destruction of Iraq’s (non-existent) nuclear bomb projects.

    You want an example of propaganda in its most evil and perverted form? Go look at the tech internet site Slashdot around the time of the Japanese nuclear disaster. Slashdot is actually a zionist run hyper right-wing war propaganda site. As the power stations were exploding, blasting hundreds of tons of plutonium into the air, Slashdot ran a “how many bananas do you have to eat a day before you experience a radiation dose worse than from an exploding nuke power plant”. Of course, you may notice that even in nations that grow bananas, birth defects are no different than, say, in the UK. On the other hand, in Fallujah, destroyed with uranium weapons thousands of times less toxic than the spew from the nuke accidents in Russia or Japan, rates of birth defects went through the roof. The banana propaganda story was repeated in almost every so-called science or technology site across the internet. This is how well organised the propagandists are. The truth is whatever you can make the masses accept.

    Efforts by the DM etc do NOT make the British people love war- this is the fallacy. Instead, the intent is to normalise the concept of war, and war related stories, so people accept them with minimum resistance. The German people did not want Hitler to invade Poland- FACT. But they had likewise been manipulated to accept the inevitability of war and war-like actions, by Hitler’s easy , cost-free smashing of smaller and less-‘significant’ nations in the run up to WW2.

  • Loki said:

    The sad reality is that they use this stuff because they know ignorant people will suck it up like a sponge to water. This stuff gives people an excuse to support the system than to expend energy in acting against it, takes more energy to swim against the current than to swim with it. I am sorry to say the public sickens me more than the pilots. Personally I live a life of guilt for things I have directly done, indirectly done, others have done, others have not done and for things I have not done, hence I see no reason why others should not feel an incredibly guilt that burns you up, you and I are apart of this system, the media is sick, the government is sick, corporations are sick, soldiers are sick, everyone one of you including myself is sick. We still live in this system, what the system does is your fault as well as theirs. I tend to look at things like this with anger but I feel sad, all people do is try to fight for the highest spot on the righteous mountain, we are all in the gutter, until you accept and realise this nothing can be done.

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