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The Accusation Of “Anti-Semitism” I: Zionism, “Jewish Israelis” And Revisionism

2 March 2012 31,200 views One Comment

by Jonathan Azaziah

Prelude: In the wake of my two-part deconstruction of “mask of Zion” wearer Uri Avnery and the grave intellectual and ideological  problems within the International Palestine Solidarity Movement, I was accused of “anti-Semitism” by a well-known voice within the blogosphere who rushed to Avnery’s defense. While this person’s reply to my vastly-documented work did not warrant such a response, I diligently composed this series to demolish and banish any similar accusations that are sure to arise in the future. In this first part, we delve into the true nature and wider historical context of Zionism, what it means to be a “Jewish Israeli” and the always-controversial realm of Holocaust® revisionism….

Like the moon rising upon the completion of sunset, it can be described as nothing other than inevitable that as soon as one raises one’s voice above a whisper in regards to the twisted, cancerous and supremacist ideology that guides the usurping Zionist entity occupying Palestine and the far-reaching global Jewish-Zionist Lobby that protects it from even the slightest criticism, one will be hysterically demonized, slandered, libeled, smeared and browbeaten with the label of “anti-Semitism.” If one criticizes any person of Jewish origin who expresses ‘support’ for Palestine but who also harbors blatant Zionist sympathies and actively attempts to impose this Zionism on others to delay, deflect and outright silence discussion on key matters relevant to full Palestinian liberation, one will once again face the same hysteria reignited like a supremacist conflagration and receive the chastisement of “anti-Semitism.” This inevitable calumny has now found its way to my person.

On February 2nd, 2012, I completed and published a two-part series deconstructing and exposing the ‘Israeli’ activist for ‘peace,’ Uri Avnery (real name: Helmut Ostermann), a highly-regarded figure in the Palestine Solidarity Movement. The first part secondarily dealt with Avnery’s expertly-masked supremacism and chiefly, his elephantine lies against Islamic Resistance movements, which were smashed to pieces as perversions of history (1). The second, more controversial part of the series examined and documented Avnery’s support for the Zionist entity’s current top stooge in the United States, President Barack Obama, as well as his glowing approval for NATO’s genocidal aggression against Libya and his obscene call for more genocide in Syria. It also delved deeply into the reasons behind the degeneration of the Solidarity Movement and the relation of persons like Avnery to this deterioration (2). For this, I was vitriolically accused of “anti-Semitism” by one Steve Amsel, operator of the website ‘Desert Peace,’ in a short, slanderous op-ed that he penned entitled, “In Defense Of Uri Avnery (3).”

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  • Dissecting a Construct said:

    An interesting piece by Mr. Azaziah who attempts to deconstruct the foundations of a fundamentally racist, supremacist and hegemonic ideology which seeks to dominate the world in a most unfortunate way. There is an underlying sickness manifest in the workings of the ideology and great sensitivity must be displayed for the people who are victims of this pathology. The ideology and the people who have been horrendously brainwashed by the ideology have to be cared for, understood, treated and brought into the greater construct so that they can become a rational, thinking, truly functional part of humankind. But first, they must throw off their intellectual shackles, an extremely difficult task given the centuries, even millenia, of browbeating, propaganda and intense brainwashing, which is imposed through religious affiliation and a religious construct which appears to encourage acts against a greater community which will necessarily result in horrendous backlash and persecution from the greater community, which acts will be seen to corroborate the complex instilled in the flock and used by the leaders to maintain control of the flock so that they do not otherwise recognize the truth. The ultimate psyop of control- constantly reminding the flock about how the rest of the world sees them and persecutes them because they are superior, that they are chosen to the exclusion of all others, even as the fundamental involvement in the community provides for acts against those communities which necessarily produces backlash, which the elders then use to teach the flock and corroborate the complex that the world really does want to persecute them. One would think that after being persecuted and dismissed from over 100 societies in the last two millenia or so, that introspection might prevail and someone might think to alter both the teachings and the emphasis on certain activities to change the outcome. Apparently not, as we find outselves on the cusp of WWIII, which relies for its genesis on the same do-loop of persecution, criminality, backlash and corroboration of persecution which has been the apparent mode of conduct for what is now a long period of time. Thus, if one studies history and rationally imposes critical thought on a true representation of history which can only surface from an intense scrutiny of differing views of reality, one can conclude that there is an extreme and inherent pathology that must be in existence, but which must be treated extremely sensitively, because of the psychological damage which has been done. Is it similar to a horrible addiction or simply a learned process which may be addressed by simple rejection? Whatever it is, it is petrified of being exposed to strict academic scrutiny, and clearly fears a fair airing of the truth. Thus, the imposition of anti-semitism as a gutteral defense mechanism and the establishment of hate laws in contravention of free speech to prevent the reality to come into existence to the flock (and other assets).
    It is interesting to contrast the workings and outlook of certain Eastern Orthodox (Christian) peoples, the Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Russians (kulaks) who were subjected to unspeakable persecution and crimes by the Bolshevik (principally Jewish) Cheka agents of Stalin. Estimates are that between 6 and 10 million Eastern Orthodox Christians (kulaks) were starved to death by Stalin and his Cheka Agents in perhaps one of the worst genocides in all of history. Yet our media and establishment history gives short historical shrift to the horrendous history of Holodomor (the kulak genocide). In comparison, the history of Shoa, albeit a horrible history of persecution in the greater sense of human tragedy, is turned by the mainstream media and hollywood into a cartoonish display of propaganda and establishes a rather unseemly industry with numerous players whose gainful employment and narratives appear to be only peripherally related to the true suffering experienced by the real victims of Shoa.
    This is also part of the tragedy of Shoa, i.e., the undermining of truth, or at least the undermining of the quest for truth at the expense of a faulty, propagandized narrative, which is used for political and economic advantage, the foundation of which has created horrendous problems for the current perspective/reality and consequently, must be defended at all costs. Yet, despite all of the horrors visited on the Kulaks by Stalin, we do not see the descendants of Holodomor acting out, grabbing land, displacing peoples and ethnically cleansing and otherwise exposing native peoples to horrendous hostility based upon a history imposed upon the group which is accepted as absolute truth, but which absolutely fears academic inspection and critical thought to either corroborate or modify that truth. Given the perverse way that history is used to conduct unspeakable further acts, one would think that such an inspection is long overdue. Of course the holocaust deniers will get their exposure because their slavish adherence to a clearly erroneous position which fails to acknowledge the true history of Shoa is promoted/supported by those who wish that the choice of historical teaching is either a complete denial of reality or a more politically correct caricaturized historical narrative which can be used for political advantage and to rationalize unspeakable crimes, in certain instances.
    The truth is the most potent approach to treatment and precisely the reason why hysteria is used to prevent the truth from seeing the light of day. It is because truth is a serum, an antitoxin to the poison of ideology and propaganda and precisely the reason why the oftentimes misused defamatory term of anti-semitism is imposed to forestall debate on issues which are of great importance to the community at large, but which are particularly sensitive to a community petrified of that discussion.
    Seeing through the lies and avoiding a more ominous undertaking is the order of the day.

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