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The Antidote to ‘War on Terror’ & ‘Arab Spring’ Doublespeak: The 2013 Doublespeak Dictionary

8 February 2013 29,386 views 6 Comments

Hillary Clinton: fluent in Orwellian doublespeak.By the Editor.

Updated 11 February 2013 with new additions: democracy, dictator, humanitarian intervention, no-fly zone.

“The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink. In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics’. All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia. When the general atmosphere is bad, language must suffer.” – George Orwell.


al-Qaeda noun 1 collective name for guerrilla fighters armed, funded, and supported by Western/Zionist intelligence agencies, and conveniently airlifted to any location on the planet where a ‘terror threat’ pretext is required by avaricious colonial powers. 2 derogatory label attached to any (usually dead) person resisting the bloodthirsty Western-Zionist war machine. 3 spectre used dishonestly to intimidate citizens into believing the myth that a global, integrated and centrally-commanded anti-West Islamic terror organisation exists.
SEE ALSO apparition, ghost, myth, bogeyman.
NOTE for Zionist/Neoconservative power brokers’ rhetorical purposes, definition changes depending on geographical region. i.e. Within Libya and Syria, al-Qaeda good; within Afghanistan or Mali, al-Qaeda bad.

anti-Semitism noun 1 hostility to, or prejudice against Jews. 2 trick used by Zionist and Neoconservative power brokers to: silence all legitimate criticism of Jewish supremacism and the criminal usurping Zionist entity (see Israel), and prevent any honest appraisal of the events of World War II.

Arab Spring noun multi-regional counterrevolution affecting several Arab nations, allowing colonial powers and the Zionist entity (see Israel) to roll back all sovereign Arab countries to a state of neo-colonial, neoliberal and Zionist subservience. Successfully sold to liberal ‘anti-war’ idiots in shiny revolution packaging.
SEE ALSO Arab Sting, Arab Sham, Sykes-Picot part II.

Ashkenazi /ash-kuh-nah-zi/ noun (pl. Ashkenazim /ash-kuh-nah-zim/) a Jew of central or eastern European descent. Constantly kvetches about anti-Semitism despite not actually being of Semitic extraction. White settlers masquerading as Palestinian natives (see Israel).
SEE ALSO Khazarian.


conspiracy theory noun 1 a theory stating that two or more persons have secretly plotted together to do something usually unlawful or harmful. 2 (chiefly N. American and Zionist) a derogatory label used to end discussion, stifle critical thought, and stigmatise genuine, rational truth seekers.
SEE ALSO 9/11.


democracy /dem-oh-cra-see/ noun (chiefly N. American and Zionist) (of a nation) a state of complete subservience to the usurping Zionist entity (see Israel) and the United States of America, coupled with a forced adoption of neoliberal economic policies. The transition to democracy sees the installation of puppet leaders and the evisceration of all public sector industry in favour of a private sector run by for-profit multinational corporations. Wages are driven down, while prices and unemployment skyrocket, consigning the newly ‘free and democratic’ nation to a future of eternal poverty and misery.
SEE ALSO Iraq, Libya.
NOTES often termed ‘freedom and democracy’.

dictator /dik-tay-tor/ noun leader or statesman who champions real democracy and employs resource nationalism in opposition to the neoliberal world order. Bequeaths national assets to a nation’s people rather than greedy multinational corporations. Often supports anti-imperialist liberation movements and funds social programmes as a national priority. Prime target of the humanitarian intervention.
SEE ALSO Muammar Gaddafi, Hugo Chavez.
SYNONYMS autocrat.


Hollywood noun the centre of the American film industry located in Los Angeles, California. Multi-billion dollar brainwashing tool used to ensure that a consumerist, materialistic, empty, servile, and anti-Islamic world view is espoused by audiences. Owned and operated by the Ashkenazim. Instrumental to the War on Terror.

humanitarian intervention noun a deadly modern war waged by the world’s foremost human rights abusers wielding world-class death weapons against a second or third world nation. Carried out under the pretext of invented humanitarian emergencies. Almost always implemented to unseat a dictator, and bring freedom and democracy to an ‘uncivilised people’.
SEE ALSO Libya, Syria.


insurgent /in-ser-juhnt/ noun 1 a person who rises in forcible opposition to lawful authority. 2 (esp. in Iraq & Afghanistan) a person (usually a peasant or farmer) who takes up arms to protect his/her sovereign homeland from foreign occupiers, and thus rises in forcible opposition to unlawful authority.

Israel /iz-rayel/ noun modern expansionist settler state existing fraudulently on the lands of Historic Palestine. Established by non-Semitic foreign interlopers falsely claiming Palestinian roots but actually hailing from Europe and Russia. Subsists on false flag terrorism, lies, blood, and hatred.
SEE ALSO cancer, terrorism, racial supremacy.

Israeli /iz-ray-li/ noun an oftentimes armed foreign person residing in Palestine as part of the Zionist project. Settler masquerading as a citizen of Historic Palestine. Routinely steals land and belongings of others; incapable of living in peace with any gentile.
SEE ALSO settler, occupier, terrorist, thief, supremacist.


no-fly zone noun all-out carpet bombing of a second or third world nation as part of a humanitarian intervention. Bombing raids are coordinated by foreign special forces on the ground, who lead armies of rebels. A concerted global media campaign attempts to deny the very necessary presence of ‘boots on the ground’.
SEE ALSO Libya, Syria.


rebel noun 1 a person who fights against or refuses to obey an established government or ruler. 2 (esp. Libya and Syria) any brainwashed sectarian extremist who fights at the behest of Western powers against secular, popular Arab leaders.
SEE ALSO al-Qaeda, terrorist, decapitation fetishist.

revolution noun foreign-instigated armed counterrevolution waged by sectarian extremist Salafi fighters and terrorists allied to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other such reactionary, backwards forces. Involves the wholesale slaughter of indigenous resistance fighters and the fire sale of all national resources to greedy multinational corporations.
SEE ALSO Arab Spring, Libya, Syria.


stability noun (chiefly N. American) see subservience.

security noun (chiefly N. American) see subservience.


terrorist noun 1 any person who uses violence or intimidation in the attempt to achieve political aims. 2 (chiefly Zionist) any person (usually a peasant or farmer, but always a Muslim) who takes up arms to protect his/her sovereign homeland from foreign occupiers.


War on Terror noun (chiefly Zionist) worldwide scramble for energy resources and the dissolution of all sovereign Muslim lands, waged by the colonial powers of the USA, Britain, France, and Israel. Unable to flourish without Hollywood and 9/11.
SEE ALSO fraud, myth, lie.


9/11 /nayn-i-lev-uhn/ noun 1 (chiefly Zionist) September 11, 2001: the day on which members of al-Qaeda attacked the United States of America by hijacking commercial airliners and crashing them into various targets (see: Hollywood). 2 September 11, 2001: the day on which the Israeli and North American intelligence services orchestrated a false flag terror attack intended to implicate Islam as a belligerent, anti-Western force, thus justifying astronomical military budget increases and the mobilisation of the US Army on behalf of the usurping Zionist entity (see Israel) in pursuit of the War on Terror.
SEE ALSO fraud, myth, lie.

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  • Noz Cavan said:

    Doublespeak, what about speak with fork tongue.

  • Ingrid B said:

    This pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with our planet..

  • Christof Lehmann said:

    Not bad at all.
    If you want a co-editor I´d like to help you make an actual book of it, including some psychological, sociological explanations as to how and why many of the things work. 😉
    Christof Lehmann

  • nooralhaqiqa said:

    How about an entry for Palestinian Pah-leh-STINN-ee-anne noun? The mind boggles right there.

  • Double Persona said:

    Double meanings, double personas, virtual reality, fake everything:



  • Nevermore said:

    Pre-emptive counterstrike v. The act of attacking an enemy in case they might have been thinking about someday maybe attacking you if they ever got a chance.

    When done by the enemy, an inhuman exercise in death and oppression demanding an immediate and overwhelming response. viz. Ghaddafi attacked the US by running a water pipe to help his country prosper through non-violent agriculture, the US bombed the pipeline with depleted uranium, rendering it unfit for use for the next 14,000 years. The US has a lot of DU and has been handling disposal of it by converting it to projectiles and sending them to the Middle East for permanent disposal.

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