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BBC Caught Fabricating Videos to Push Libya and Syria War Agendas

4 January 2014 77,544 views 9 Comments

By the Editor.

Many find it difficult to believe the sheer boldness of the lies peddled by the British Broadcasting Corporation – the world’s largest and most respected broadcasting organisation. Nevertheless, the BBC’s nefarious agenda has come to the fore during the wars on Libya and Syria, where it has taken every opportunity to justify foreign military intervention in both countries. In some cases the BBC has been quite ham-fisted in its attempts to deceive viewers, resulting in its foul play becoming readily apparent.

BBC claims footage of Indian protest is live feed from Green Square, Tripoli

The following video was aired on BBC News on Wednesday 24 August 2011. Watch from the 0:29 mark – the BBC airs footage that they purport to be live, from Green Square in Tripoli, Libya. The footage shows a crowd of ‘Libyan’ people celebrating and waving their national flag. What is so incredibly shocking about this report, is that the footage is not live, nor is it from Libya. It actually shows Indian protesters waving the Indian flag.

This unbelievable dishonesty on the part of the BBC was not an error. Such a first rate global broadcaster does not make such mistakes. It is simply not plausible that the BBC accidentally substituted a live video feed with an archive clip that, coincidentally, shows an identical scene to the one that the ‘live feed’ purports to show – jubilant protesters waving flags.

Not an error – BBC chose Indian footage due to similarities between flags

The truth of the matter is: jubilant crowds were simply not present in Tripoli, so the BBC had to use fake footage to convince its viewers of the Libyan ‘revolution’ myth.

Footage of Indian protesters waving the Indian flag was selected by the BBC because of the visual similarity between the two flags in question. Below I have juxtaposed the Indian flag (left), with the flag of the counter-revolution that took place in Libya.

As you can see, the flags are composed of similar colours; the Indian flag is green, white, and orange, whilst the flag of the ‘Libyan’ counter-revolution is green, black, and red.

Both flags are tricolour flags with horizontally orientated stripes, and both flags contain a circular emblem in the centre. The BBC chose to show the Indian footage because that footage provided the best opportunity to deceive unwitting viewers. To the untrained eye watching a fleeting video, these two flags are virtually indistinguishable.

BBC caught faking Syria ‘chemical weapons’ footage

Credit goes to Craig Murray for being the first to spot(1) this shocking example of deception from the BBC.

This BBC video report(2) was published on 29 August 2013 – the eve of the UK’s parliamentary vote for war on Syria to deter the use of chemical weapons(3). The section of the video that we are concerned with begins on the two minute mark.

The British doctor who is speaking to the camera says, “seems like it must be some sort of, I’m not
really sure, maybe napalm

Compare this video with the following one, also published by the BBC.(4) As before, view the video from the two minute mark.

Listen closely to the audio track of both videos. You will notice that the female doctor’s words and intonation are exactly the same in both videos, however the background noise in the second video is completely different. In addition, in the second video (contrary to the first video), the doctor can be heard to say: “seems like it must be some sort of chemical weapon I’m not really sure..

The BBC has manipulated the audio track of this video report to characterise the event as a chemical weapon attack. Because the doctor’s mouth is covered by a mask, the dubbing is impossible to detect.

What is even more concerning is that there are serious questions about the authenticity of the event itself. At the beginning of the first video, Dr. Rola Hallam can be heard to say, “I need a pause, because it’s just absolute chaos and carnage here“. Now despite this seemingly impromptu plea to the cameraman from Hallam, there is convincing evidence(5) to suggest that the video was not in fact live footage of the wounded being rushed in to a makeshift hospital. It is clear that Hallam actually did multiple takes of the video interview, whereby the movements of others were choreographed in line with her own movements. I highly recommend reading this analysis,(5) paying particularly close attention to the movement of the man in the high-visibility vest.

Notice how in one video, his hands are behind his back as he approaches Hallam, and in the other video, his hands are by his side. Furthermore, at this moment in one of the videos, a man can be seen looking through the fence above Hallam’s left shoulder, yet in the other video, he is not there. We are supposed to believe that this video sequence was filmed in an impromptu manner as victims were being rushed in to a makeshift hospital.

What is clear is that this is not a live sequence – the scene was clearly staged multiple times despite Hallam’s contrived ‘I need a pause here because it’s absolute carnage‘ opening gambit.

Dr. Rola Hallam has familial links to anti-Assad opposition groups

Dr. Rola Hallam’s maiden name is Al Kurdi. She retains her maiden name on her public Facebook profile:(6)
Dr. Rola Hallam's Facebook profile.

Below is her profile for ‘Atfal’,(7) ostensibly a charity set up to help Syrian children. She uses the same photograph, but goes merely by the name “Hallam”.


Her father – Dr. Mousa Al Kurdi – is also a doctor. Two months before the BBC’s apparently contrived chemical weapons report, Mousa Al Kurdi, was publicly kvetching about chemical weapons being used in Syria(8) in an attempt to expedite a larger-scale foreign intervention.

In the following clip, Dr. Mousa Al Kurdi talks to Al Jazeera about how he addressed the Friends of Syria summit, where he called for foreign intervention and arming of the Free Syrian Army.

Dr. Rola ‘Al Kurdi’ Hallam is also related to Colonel Malek Al Kurdi, who is deputy leader of the ‘Free Syrian Army’.(9)

Keeping in mind Dr. Rola Hallam’s background and family links to the anti-Assad opposition, the BBC’s apparent staging of propaganda and usage of Hallam in particular becomes all the more sinister.

Examples such as these are the reasons why no well-informed person takes the BBC seriously any longer.


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  • JhM said:

    The most frightening aspect of this horrible war- all the slaughtered civilians are Christians. A certain fact kept secret by the control media.

  • Edward said:

    The British Bullshit Corporation used to be a bastion of truth and integrity. Now look at John Bull. I remember the Afghans during the occupation by the Russians listening faithfully to the Dari/Farsi news from the BBC. Now it is just a rotten shadow, chock full of jews and zionists, paedophiles and miscreants. There is niche for this perversion called the BBC. It should be dismantled and euthanized.

  • Dante Ardenz said:

    The Rothchilds rule the BBC,as they own Britain and the US Federal Reserve (57 % Closed Stock) and they have used the BBC for years. Thier power has grown even bigger since 1945. Churchill,Thatcher their major puppets. The colors of the Channel-Red/White are tips(Red Shield) and they are behind ALL wars: Syria is in defience of them. Banking.Assad is not under thier control,and the country stands against Rothchild State, Greater Israel Project. Judiac,they rule by division,deception,and invisibilty. Masses of people believe all they hear on media,and the Jew Tube is ‘God’to them. This was/is the style of war propagabda used against Iraq,Iran,Germany in the summer of 39,and Japan in 41. Beware. As Christ said’Be wise as serpents’. SEE THE BAD WAR.Com. David Irving Action Report.Com.Brother Nathanael Kaptner Videos;Rense.Com. The Ugly Truh.Com.THE REBEL OF OZ.Com.

  • Awesome Storm said:

    JhM said: “The most frightening aspect of this horrible war- all the slaughtered civilians are Christians. A certain fact kept secret by the control media.”

    Actually, they are civilians of all denominations and faiths, but the main victims are indeed Christians and Shia Muslims, who are deemed heretics by the terrorists.

  • Rob Oliver said:

    As for the old story that the BBC faked chemical attack footage in Syria (originally pushed by Russia Today) using blue screens and CGI is just plain sick.

    Even if for a second it was true, and it isnt – what about the 100,000’s Syrian people (kids, women and men) who have been subjected to chemical, chlorine and barrel bomb attacks – by pushing these piss poor conspiracy theories you belittle their blight and deaths – shame on you’s.

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  • melcdrofla said:

    It is now a well known fact the BBC is a mouthpiece for the government and the UK establishment.
    I remember a few years back attending a meeting with some eminent BBC reporters expressing concern at the direction the BBC was taking in the lack of objective reporting. Most reporters now are told what to report to suit the powers that be. Don’t and you are out of a job or if independently reporting are ignored. Real 1930’s Nazi Germany tactics.

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