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[1 Apr 2011 | One Comment | 6,557 views]
Coalition Air Strikes: Now the Body Bags Begin Piling Up in Libya

By Patrick Henningsen, 21st Century Wire
It was only a matter of time before gungho western audiences and pundits would have to face the harsh reality that overwhelming military power produces: 1,400 air sorties and 700 Tomahawk cruise missiles later, the civilian body bags are beginning to mount up. And the political ramifications for the acting war parties in Washington, Britain and Paris are inescapable.
According to yesterday’s report from Reuters, at least 40 civilians were killed in air strikes by Western forces on Tripoli, a …

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[28 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 3,658 views]
No-fly zone: Clouding words of war

By Tarak Barkawi.
Phantasms from the 1990s are upon us: no-fly zones; the rhetoric of humanitarian war in Washington, Europe and the UN; guarantees that no US ground troops will be deployed; an air war which alone cannot decisively affect earthbound events.
President Obama swung for ringing tones in his statement on Libya, condemning idleness in the face of merciless tyrants who brutally assault innocents.
In the legal codes through which the international community acknowledges so untoward a happening as war, the UN resolved to protect civilians and create a cordon sanitaire around …

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[28 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 3,382 views]
Liberals Willing to Trade Blood and Treasure for Oil Company Profits Under Obama

By Eric Blair.
It’s perplexing to see a high level of support for the unprovoked bombing of Libya on so-called “progressive” websites.
There has been an endless stream of humanitarian propaganda flowing from these sites trying to convince average liberals that the “human thing to do” is to rain down tomahawk missiles with depleted uranium to bring freedom and democracy to an oppressed people.
Huffington Post ran a piece by Ed Schultz titled Why I Support President Obama’s Decision to Invade Libya where he described his reasoning as follows:
…President Obama explained this won’t …

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[25 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 4,897 views]
‘Imperialist powers after Libyan oil’: Interview with Writer Ralph Schoenman

Press TV interviews Writer and Author of the Hidden History of Zionism Ralph Schoenman.
The United States and its allies have launched a full-scale imperialistic war on Libya to usurp the wealthy oil nation and impose the continued new world order, a prominent writer says.
Press TV interviewed writer and author of the Hidden History of Zionism Ralph Schoenman regarding the invasion of Libya and the imperialistic goals of the US, UN and NATO allied countries.
Press TV: I’d like to ask you about what you see as the real intention of this …

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[15 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 16,646 views]
Libya: Imperialists Play Power Games as Deluded B52 Liberals Call for Military Intervention

Morning Star, Monday 14 March 2011.
William Hague’s backing for a no-fly zone, and his “sympathy” for former Tory foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind’s call for military supplies to be sent openly to Libyan opposition forces, are extremely dangerous.
They should be understood in the context of the armed intervention by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Co-operation Council troops in Bahrain, and Arab League backing for a Libyan no-fly zone.
There is a coming together of hawkish European Union states, with Britain and France to the fore, and the Gulf feudal dynasties …

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[9 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 6,898 views]
Brookings Institute/ex-CIA Wonk Reveals Middle East Agenda

By Tony Cartalucci.
“Which Path to Persia?” was a Brookings Institute report written in 2009 describing in excruciating detail the Anglo-Americans’ designs against Iran. It included plans for provoking war with Iran, arming and supporting terrorists within Iran, and the funding and organizing of a color revolution, all within the admitted backdrop, not of protecting the continental United States from a dangerous Iran, but rather protecting American hegemony in the Middle East. And of course, the overthrow and reformation of Iran serves to …

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[1 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 10,174 views]
The Noble American Humanitarian, from Iraq to Libya

Hat tip to ‘Off the freakin’ track’ for translating and forwarding this.
Here’s a few short words (paraphrased) from Belgian writer Michel Collon.

NATO stands ready to intervene in Libya. Thus, those who bomb civilians in Afghanistan, want to protect them in Libya. Those who would not lift a finger when Israel massacred Gaza have suddenly developed an immense love for the Arabs!
As Henry Kissinger once confessed: “The main powers have no principles, only interests.”
Even if we wish for the suffering of Libyans to stop, they will suffer no less under an …

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[21 Feb 2011 | One Comment | 3,771 views]
Economic Terrorism: Egypt in the Crosshairs

By the Editor.
The UK Independent is today reporting that globalist David Cameron is flying to Egypt for ‘talks’.
Free-market fundamentalist Cameron takes every opportunity to wax lyrical about how we must ‘open markets’ and deregulate economies in order to prosper. Further, in his recent speech to the Kuwaiti national assembly he stressed the need for economic reform in the Middle East:
“In the end, 21st century economies require open societies. I am convinced that the best guarantor of prosperity and stability is for economic and political progress to go in …

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[11 Feb 2011 | One Comment | 3,686 views]
Karzai confirms US demand for permanent military bases

By Mike Head, 11 February 2011.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has confirmed for the first time that the Obama administration has demanded the establishment of a system of permanent US military bases across the country, effectively laying the basis for an indefinite neo-colonial occupation.
Karzai stated that his government was negotiating with US officials on a range of strategic agreements, including the permanent bases. He said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had discussed the issue with him during last week’s Munich Security Conference in Germany.
Referring to his discussions with US officials and …

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[10 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments | 3,897 views]
Frauds of WikiLeaks

Thursday, February 10, 2011 – by Staff Report.
This morning’s story in the Guardian that US diplomats believed Saudi Arabia to have overstated their oil reserves should ring alarm bells around the energy world. Every time there is a debate about whether Opec should raise production to lower oil prices, many commentators argue it is irrelevant: that the Middle East doesn’t have as much oil as it says and that it can’t raise production enough to bring prices down. If this is true, it has serious consequences for the oil …