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[1 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 2,610 views]
Enough With the Empty Words

By Joharah Baker.
Nothing irks me more than politicians who blow off serious situations with hollow phrases on the outrageous assumption that people will actually believe them. Living in Palestine with a career revolved around words, you can imagine how many times I am irked in a day. Today is no different.
A quick glance at the headlines in Haaretz (really, the only Israeli paper I read), met me with this quote: “Israel’s plan to raze E. Jerusalem homes is an obstacle to peace.” The …

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[9 May 2010 | No Comment | 3,282 views]
An Inconvenient Truth

By the Editor.
Several news agencies including the UK Guardian, the UK Independent, the Washington Post, and The Financial Times today reported that senior US officials are pointing the finger at the Pakistani Taliban for the recent Times Square bomb plot. This notion might not seem out of the ordinary to the uninitiated, but it doesn’t sit well with those knowledgeable about The Taliban. Historically, the Taliban has only had domestic intentions and aspirations; not seeking to exert influence beyond its own borders.
Al-Qaeda on the other hand, quite clearly …